PS4 Gamer Loses Access to Digital Game Collection for Using Hate Speech

ps4 gamers loses digital game collection for using hate speech

If it wasn't clear enough already, gaming is moving to an all-digital future. Digital video game sales are growing every year and in fact, some analysts predict that the next console generation will be the last to use physical media. Some have pushed back against this all-digital future for various reasons, with one of the main arguments being worry that game publishers may restrict access to a game someone has already purchased. While that fear seems mostly unfounded, it appears to have happened to at least one PS4 gamer after they were temporarily banned from the PlayStation Network for using hate speech.

An admitted racist referred to as "Rob" by OneAngryGamer had his PlayStation account suspended for a week for calling people the n-word and promoting white supremacy. This is a clear violation of Sony's PSN policies, and so it's understandable that Rob's access to online gaming was restricted. However, it seems that this suspension also restricts Rob's access to his entire library of digital PS4 games.

Rob provided screenshots to show that he couldn't play his digital PS4 games after the suspension was put into place. The games on his account are marked with a lock to show that he can no longer access them. Presumably, Rob will be able to play the games again when his suspension is up, but he expects to receive a permanent ban. He apparently emailed Sony back with another message promoting white supremacy, and it seems as though he plans to continue using hate speech in the future. If Rob is hit with a permanent ban as he anticipates, it follows that his entire PS4 digital library will be lost.

ps4 gamer loses digital game collection for using hate speech

With Rob openly antagonizing other PS4 users and Sony itself, it seems like he is looking to get his account permanently banned. Since he knows now that being suspended from PSN potentially means losing access to digital games, it's hard to feel sorry for him if he continues to act this way and loses access to his digital game library as a result.

However, others may be worried that Sony has this power to begin with. After all, digital games often cost just as much as physical games, and consumers no doubt feel a sense of ownership for digital games they purchased. If Sony can restrict digital game access, it calls into question whether or not consumers actually have a right to their digital purchases.

Of course, this is a pretty extreme example, and it doesn't seem like something that the vast majority of PS4 owners will have to worry about. As long as they don't use clearly offensive hate speech online, they should be able to avoid Rob's situation, and will be able to play their PS4 games without fear of their library being restricted.

Source: OneAngryGamer

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