The Top Ten Co-Op Games For PS4, Ranked

The PS4 is now in its sixth year of operation. How many more will it have? Is the PS5 launching in 2020? Will that then be the last major push for Sony on PS4? These questions keep us up at night, but there is one thing we can celebrate right now: The console's legacy.

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It took some time, but the library of first-party and third-party exclusives and non-exclusives are huge. A lot of which are multiplayer friendly in the co-op sense. So if one has already milked Borderlands 3 of all it has to offer as of now, here are some other suggestions to keep the fun with friends going.

10 A Way Out

Let’s begin with a quintessential co-op game: A Way Out. This literally cannot be played without a friend, be it online or on the couch. Like distracting a guard to have a friend be able to sneak past, players have to cooperate in order to reach their collective goals, making A Way Out a rather unique co-op title.

The writing and acting may be a little uneven at times, which makes the overall experience lesser than the grand idea, but it is still worth checking out.

9 Dragon Quest Builders 2

dragon quest builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 isn’t the perfect co-op experience, but it is an addition that helped the sequel stand out from its predecessor. There was no multiplayer in the first game, which felt like a missed opportunity.

In Builders 2, players can join in or have friends drop into their adventures on the main island and partake in some building. They cannot be taken onto other quests though, as the main story missions are solo. It is a baby step, but still pretty fun minus the handicap.

8 Samurai Warriors 4: Empires

We had to include at least one of the Musou games on here and we feel of the main two franchises, Samurai Warriors is better than Dynasty Warriors. Samurai Warriors 4: Empires is the same classic hack and slash action fans have come to expect, but Empires adds a tactical element of planning out which areas to conquer next. This gives some relief from the more repetitive nature of the core gameplay.

7 The Adventure Pals

The Adventure Pals is a smaller experience than the few we have mentioned so far. It is a co-op action platformer that came out last year for a multitude of platforms.

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In a way, this indie experience is like the best Adventure Time game ever made except it doesn’t have the license. Battle hot dogs, use giraffe tongues to helicopter around the island, collect bees, and the silly list goes on. It is a true delight for two players.

6 Guacamelee 2

There is seemingly a never-ending train of indie made Metroidvanias, which is great because the genre often produces gold. However, not many of them feature co-op, which is why Guacamelee 2 stands out.

Not just for two friends, but four total can join in to do some classic backtracking and leveling up in this wrestling-themed adventure. Guacamelee 2 controls beautifully, features awesome music and is just fun to play. If one has Game Pass on Xbox One, Guacamelee 2 is free so give it a shot.

5 River City Girls

River City Girls is the newest game on the list, releasing only at the beginning of September 2019. It continues the long-running Kunio-Kun, or River City Ransom franchise, as more players know it. River City Girls is a beat ‘em up that puts players in the roles of two girls in the titular city on the hunt to save their boyfriends.

Punch, kick, and smash metal pipes against opponents to get to the next area in this high-octane and massive experience. On top of the satisfying combat, the girls can also level up and learn new specials. It is an excellent evolution of the genre.

4 Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings is part Contra, part Monster Hunter, and maybe even part Borderlands. This is a 2D shooter wherein players are part of a special strike team out to stop terrorists from wreaking havoc outside of this island’s base. Players will take on collection quests, elimination challenges, and rescue missions.

There aren’t that many different stages, so players will retread levels with the aforementioned different objectives. Mercenary Kings can get repetitive and is a major grind, but that loop is part of the fun. Plus, the pixel art and animations are absolutely gorgeous.

3 Destiny 2

This is a pretty obvious example. While Destiny 2 can definitely be played alone, most missions lean toward the idea that players will be joined by two other people.

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Playing Strikes or random story missions in a balanced group of three, meaning one of every class, makes everything more enjoyable and a lot easier too. Now that most of the game is free-to-play, there has never been a better time to jump aboard the Destiny 2 train.

2 The Division 2

If one likes the shooter aspect of Tom Clancy games and the looter shooter online mentality of Destiny 2, then The Division 2 should be a treat. It is less fantastical than Destiny 2, or Borderlands 3 for that matter, but it doesn’t make those mechanics any less fun.

Furthermore, The Division 2 has four-player co-op, which is one more than Destiny 2. Ubisoft’s release schedule for content has been lacking since the March launch, but for new players, there is so much to digest.

1 Monster Hunter World

It is also a good time to jump into Monster Hunter World. Missed it the first time around? With the new expansion, Iceborne, the online hub is booming again. Of course, that means a lot of players will want to tackle the new stuff, but we have also seen a spike with the original content as well.

Like Destiny 2Monster Hunter World is doable as a solo experience but incredibly easier with a well-balanced team of up to three other friends. Get ready for the grind!

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