Are we looking at the final design of the PS4? Not likely, but it’s always fun to imagine – and it’s not like we see anyone else trying to put something like this together.

Many are probably wondering why a fan made mock-up would even catch our attention. It started with Sony releasing a tease of their console yesterday. This short, yet effective, trailer displayed fractured images of the PlayStation 4 console on screen, while the camera slowly zoomed toward a blurred out image of the console in its entirety. Likely, this was all an effort to drum up buzz and take attention from today’s Xbox console reveal. All is fair in the console wars.

Taking these images, a creative Redditor, eager to see the console in all its glory, decided to stitch it all together so that they might get a glimpse of what the final PS4 will look like. It looks pretty much like the current generation PlayStation, just with more ventilation and what look like buttons. Those curious to know how it was all pieced together can check out this breakdown:

PS4 Mock Up Breakdown Sony PlayStation

How likely is it that we are getting an accurate preview of the final product? Close to nil, but there will surely be some similarities. It’s hard to imagine it looking dramatically different – it’s made up of actual images of the console, after all.

We can’t help but wish they would have gone even further with their interpretation and just let loose. There were tons of great images from the trailer they never even bothered to use.

PS4 Mock Up Fake Curt Edition Sony PlayStation

See? Much better.

The final reveal won’t be until Sony’s E3 Press Conference next month, so folks will just have to sit tight until then. The conference itself is gearing up to be pretty epic and, so far, their next-gen console previews have been solid. There have already been a lot of great titles  revealed, such as a new inFAMOUS, a Diablo III port and confirmation that it will not be always online (yay!).

The road to E3 is almost at an end and the anticipation is palpable. Let’s hope for more great stuff from the Sony camp.

So, readers, what do you think of this fan made mock-up and how accurate do you think it actually is? Did you expect something else entirely? Was our mock-up too legit to quit? Let us know in the comments below.

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