The Best PS4 Console Deals Right Now

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Yesterday, Sony revealed the release window of the PlayStation 5. The console is set to release just in time for Holiday 2020 and major retailers are now offering discounts on the current generation PS4. Around the same time as the big release window reveal, leaks began surfacing online that the PS5 has a built-in camera and will focus on streaming.

But given that the PS5 is just a year away, is it still worth it to purchase the PS4? For early adopters, the answer is obviously no. However, it is worth noting that even after the PS5's launch next year, it would probably take some time for the console to build a massive library of games. So for those who are not early adopters and are currently in the market for a new gaming console, here are the best PS4 deals available right now.

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As of the moment, Walmart is offering the best deal for both the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim for $361.95 and $281.95 respectively. On the other hand, Amazon's offer for the PS4 Pro is slightly more expensive than Walmart at $372.86 but is still competitive compared to other retailers, and its PS4 Slim is priced the same as Walmart. Both retailers are also offering bundles for both consoles that include games such as Fortnite and Red Dead Redemption 2. 



As for yesterday's big PS5 update, Sony also revealed that the next-gen console will be making a huge change as to how players will install games. In previous announcements, Sony revealed that the PS5 will feature a high-performance SSD, which will replace the disc-based hard drive in the PS4. This advanced piece of technology will play a crucial part in a more efficient and configurable game installation in the next-gen system.

Furthermore, Sony revealed via Wired that the PS5 will come with a new controller that will feature two major redesigns. Cerny explained that the upcoming controllers will feature "adaptive triggers", and new haptic feedback that will allow the controller to react and rumble to a game's environment. What's even better is that these new controllers will use a USB Type-C for charging.

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