PlayStation 4 Gets a New Communities Mobile App


A new PlayStation Communities app will be available soon, allowing PlayStation users to interact with the clan-like Communities function of the PS4 on their mobile device.

The PlayStation 4 is getting a new mobile app, which will join the family of three other PS4 based apps. Sony already has the primary PlayStation app, the PlayStation Messages app, and the PlayStation Video app. Expected to hit the Apple and Google Play stores tomorrow is the latest addition, the new PlayStation Communities app.

Just as the app's name implies, it will allow PS4 users to connect to their Communities, user-created groups found within the PS4 ecosystem. From within the app, users will be able to look up Communities and their profiles, see which Communities they are already a member of, and see the other members of those Communities.

The app also allows PS4 gamers to search for and join new Communities directly within the app. It also recommends Communities based on what games a user has played as well as showing which Communities are trending.


Sony calls the app’s design “streamlined” and allows for gamers to interact directly with their Communities by posting text and images on the shared wall within the group. Like most mobile apps, there is also the option to turn on notifications, which will alert users when there are new posts and replies in one of their Communities.

The Communities function on the PS4 debuted more than a year ago in September 2015, which added a clan-like group function to the PlayStation 4. Anyone can start a Community, making it a hub for other players who enjoy the same game or interests. It can be either a public or private group. Players who are in the same Community can easily launch into a game together (like joining up for in-game activities like a raid in Destiny or a multiplayer match in Titanfall 2). There’s also a wall where members can post both text and images.

Sony says the app will be available on both iOS and Android later today. This is another example of Sony pulling out individual functions of the PlayStation Network’s features and giving it its own dedicated mobile app. Previously, the messaging system of PSN was contained within the main PlayStation app, but that was removed and recreated in a standalone app. This is more akin to the PlayStation Video app (which allows users to view their movies and TV shows purchased through PSN on their mobile device) in that it is a feature that was not previously in the main PlayStation app.

Although it does seem strange that all these features are not contained within a single app, it’s likely that breaking them up increases the stability and function of them on mobile devices.

Source: PlayStation Blog (via GameSpot)

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