Today Sony has started their PlayStation 4 bundle holiday sale, offering both the Star Wars Battlefront and Uncharted Collection bundles for just $299.99.

After a successful sale for the PlayStation 4 Uncharted Collection bundle over Black Friday, Sony has decided to do bring the sale back and even widen it. Starting today and running through December 19 Sony will offer two different PlayStation 4 bundles for the price of $299.99. Technically the official retail price of the PlayStation 4 remains at $399, though since 2014 it’s more common for that to be a large bundle price if not dropped to $350. That means this sale sees as much as $50-$100 in savings, on top of a free new game.

The two bundles that Sony will be offering at their $299.99 sales price will be the previously for sale Uncharted Collection bundle and the newly discounted Star Wars Battlefront bundle. Both bundles feature the 500GB PlayStation 4 console, one DualShock 4 wireless controller, a mono in-ear wired headset, and power/charging cables. The Uncharted Collection bundle offers the game both on-disc and as a digital code. The Star Wars Battlefront bundle seems to offer only a digital version of the game, but also includes a code for four classic Star Wars games.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 bundle sale will begin today, December 6 and officially end on December 19. Any last minute shoppers better push off the procrastination. Though if history is any indicator, it’s likely that this holiday’s sales may stick for longer than anticipated. Last year’s $350 PlayStation 4 bundles lasted much longer than just the holiday season they were originally scheduled for. But don’t take that as any sort of certainty.

PlayStation 4 Holiday Bundle Sale $299, Uncharted Collection

Sony is really firing on all cylinders this holiday season. The Xbox One has won the sales battles on Black Friday every previous year since both consoles were launched. Yet this is the first year, off the back of the Uncharted Collection bundle, that PlayStation 4 has won the Black Friday sales battle. And that’s without the PlayStation 4 having a major console exclusive for this holiday season, no disrespect to the high-value Uncharted Collection.

It just goes to show that despite lean first-party offerings, Sony’s domination of the console sales battle up to this point has grown insurmountable. Microsoft’s North American saturation and holiday advertising strengths just can’t keep up with the PlayStation 4’s total consoles sold. Add in Sony’s third party partnerships which have lead to exclusive advertising, Star Wars Battlefront, and exclusive DLC, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and the juggernaut that is Sony’s PlayStation 4 can no longer be stopped.

If there’s a holiday season to pick up a PlayStation 4, this might be it. The $299.99 bundles provide amazing savings on the console hardware alone, with the games as an extra bonus. With exclusives like Bloodborne holding down the fort and a 2016┬áincluding Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet & Clank and The Last Guardian… damn. Don’t the price to drop below $299 for at least another year.

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