According to the latest market research data from the analytics firm known as the NPD Group, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PS4 system was the best-selling console for May 2017. With this being the case, it looks like PS4 only needed a couple of months to recover in sales to take back the top slot after coming in second twice earlier this year.

For those unaware, the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console for April 2017, as the Big N’s console was still riding high after its top of the charts debut back in the beginning of March. Although the NPD Group didn’t confirm as much, it’s quite possible that Sony’s current-generation system was able to regain lost ground to become May’s most purchased console due to the Switch still being in short supply around the world.

As explained by the NPD Group, purchases of the PS4 are contributing to much greater hardware sales for the current generation as opposed to the last-gen cycle. As it so happens, the firm said that “the combined installed base of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One” has already beaten the combined base of the previous generation “by 29 percent.”

As previously mentioned, PS4 was already deemed the second highest selling console in March 2017 behind the Nintendo Switch. Interestingly enough, the Nintendo Switch has been the only hardware to break the sales streak of Sony’s console so far for this year, with PlayStation 4 being the system to move the most units in both January and February 2017, too.

All things considered, Sony is utterly dominating the console market when it comes to sales, as the PS4 has already shipped 60 million units as of this year. Furthermore, with the company having had a solid, albeit less-than-surprising press conference at E3 2017, gamers should expect the PS4’s sales to rise even more so as 2017 progresses.

Sony’s PS4 is available now in a standard version, in a smaller model with the PS4 Slim, and in an enhanced edition with the PS4 Pro.

Source: IGN

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