It looks as if the Nintendo Switch’s time in the sun has come and gone in terms of hardware sales, as Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PS4 has been named the best-selling console for June 2017 according to a recent report from the market research firm known as The NPD Group. This marks the second month in a row that Sony’s current-generation system has reigned supreme in the hardware rankings, as it was also named the best selling console for May 2017.

According to the report from The NPD Group, sales for the PS4 were primarily driven by the release of the golden version of the PS4 Slim with a 1 terabyte hard drive. Although the market analyst didn’t share numbers or hard data involving the amount of consoles moved, it’s at least safe to say that its competition in the Nintendo Switch sold a solid amount of systems, especially after having dominated the charts for both March and April of this year.

When it comes to hardware sales overall, the PS4 helped give June 2017’s numbers a boost when compared with June 2016, as the figures are up by 27 percent. Additionally, year-to-date sales are up 19 percent over last year, which totals out to $1.4 billion. While PlayStation 4 assisted in pushing sales upward for 2017, The NPD Group actually asserts that the comprehensive increase in sales is due primarily to the release and high demand of the Nintendo Switch.

As always, it’s difficult to tell how well Microsoft’s Xbox One is doing as far as moved units go, as the company no longer releases information related to sales of its consoles. Even so, it’s quite possible that the company could see some growth in the console department once it releases the Xbox One X later this year.

All things considered, the PS4 could have simply eked out a win in the console market this month due to Nintendo Switch stock being limited all around the globe. So, with the Big N purportedly planning to double production of the Switch in order to meet consumer demand, the portable-friendly console could very well end up back on top of the hardware charts for July if retailers can keep the system in stock.

The PS4 can be bought in its standard version, as a more compact iteration with the PS4 Slim, and as a graphically enhanced model with the PS4 Pro.

Source: GameSpot

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