10 Best Horror Games On PS4

It's the month of October, the perfect time to get into the mood of Halloween. While titles like Man of Medan and The Sinking City are the newest horror titles on the market, there are still many old but gold games out there, especially for owners of PlayStation 4. Whether you're a seasoned survival horror lover looking to get your usual Halloween fix or a newbie wanting to challenge themselves this fall, there's something for everyone in the horror genre, from science fiction to post-apocalyptic. Without further talk, we're here to introduce you to the ten most shiver-inducing horror titles you should grab for yourself on PlayStation 4.

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10 Prey

Although Prey was the subject of quite a bit of controversy upon its release, the game itself is a brilliant work of classic science fiction survival horror. You're dropped straight into the shoes of Morgan Yu, whose mission is to find out what has happened on a space station dedicated to scientific research. Through various recordings and mysterious communications from an entity known as January, Morgan sets out on a journey to salvage what they can of themselves and the station, while faced with terrifying Typhon apparitions. The gameplay is smooth and engaging, with different enemies requiring different strategies and weapons to beat, and a complex skill tree to compliment your character build.

9 Layers Of Fear


For those not particularly fond of shooters, but who love a good story, Layers of Fear is right up your alley. The game is more of a story-based one, with various puzzles you need to complete and clues you must find to progress further along. You take the role of a painter returning to his studio with the ambition to finish a masterpiece he's been working on.

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However, as you set out to accomplish this task you find more about the character themselves and the terrible past that they've endured.

8 Until Dawn

When it comes to horror, classic movies involving a group of teenagers being stalked by a psychopathic murderer often come to mind. Until Dawn emulates this genre perfectly, with a high focus on story, character development, and making the right choices. If you enjoy choice-based games and the challenge of high-pressure quick-time-events, this the title for you. In Until Dawn, a group of friends return to a cabin in the middle of wintry woods a year after the death of two friends. Despite their hopes to put the past behind, tension and strange events soon lead to the bloodiest night of their lives.

7 The Last Of Us

Horror games can be effective no matter the time and place, and they can even touch us emotionally. The Last Of Us is one of the most highly praised games of the last decade for a good reason. As a mysterious fungal infection takes over the United States, Joel is among the few surviving people and is assigned to take care of Ellie through a series of events. The pair travel across the continent in hopes to survive and through Ellie birth a cure for the disease, while fighting and avoiding the infected and raiders. A fantastic story paired with an incredible gameplay system, The Last Of Us is a game everyone should play, horror junkie or not.

6 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

If extreme gore is your cup of tea, the newest installment in the Resident Evil series will be right up your alley. Definitely not for the faint of heart, RE7: Biohazard introduces us to Ethan, who's desperately pursuing the trail of his wife he once thought was dead after going missing.

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After arriving to her location he's shocked to discover she's locked up in the basement of a family infected with a strange and mysterious condition making them highly violent and dangerous. With the help of his weapons and wits, Ethan uncovers her wife's secret and the harrowing story behind a deadly infection.

5 Resident Evil 2 Remake

While Biohazard was great in its own right, nothing beats just how phenomenal Resident Evil 2 Remake is. Very few games actually manage to successfully launch a remake, but the developers nailed it with this one. Following the plotline of the original Resident Evil 2, you either take on the role of Claire or Leon as you try to make your way out of Raccoon City, which is now infected by Umbrella's T-virus, capable of turning humans into bloodthirsty undead. And if the zombies aren't terrifying enough, rest assured you will be hunted down by the Tyrant or "Mr. X."


Those who enjoy survival horror where running and hiding is the only option available against an unbeatable enemy, SOMA is the perfect experience. You play as Simon, who after suffering a car accident agrees to be a part of a new brain scan research. However, something strange occurs during his visit with the doctor and he finds himself in PATHOS-II, an underwater facility overrun by misbehaving robots and terrifying glitch-like creatures. With the help of Catherine, the sole survivor, Simon must find out where he is and what has happened.

3 Outlast 2

For an even more terrifying and helpless experience in survival horror, Outlast 2 drops you straight into the fray with nothing but a recording camera at your disposal. You take on the role of a brave investigative journalist, Blake, together with his wife on the trail of a murder involving a pregnant woman.

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However, after a helicopter crash, he finds himself stranded by a town known as Temple Gate, which is overrun by a fanatic cult who captured his wife. As he heads on to find his wife he discovers the dark truth behind the insanity of the cult.

2 P.T.

While not exactly a full horror game itself but rather a playable teaser, in 2014 Kojima Productions released a short game that quickly went viral for just how frightening and well-made it was. P.T. was available for a short time on the PlayStation store, and if you still have it purchased you can play it. The teaser involves the protagonist, a man, waking to enter the same hallway over and over again. He's haunted by an absolutely terrifying female apparition dubbed as Lisa, while uncovering bits and pieces from his haunted past. Highly realistic and atmospheric, despite its short length P.T. had the world in shivers when it was made available.

1 Alien Isolation

Perhaps one of the best games out there in terms of story, gameplay, terror and AI design, Alien Isolation won't leave any horror lovers cold. With incredible sound design, an atmosphere perfectly true to the original Alien movie, and one of the most intelligent antagonistic AIs ever designed in gaming history, the game offers hours upon hours of challenge, terror and excitement. As protagonist Amanda Ripley arrives at Sebastopol station in hopes to get her hands on the recordings of the famous Nostromo flight, she soon discovers that the station is overrun by hostile androids and by a predator so vicious and cunning that even a flamethrower is but a temporary solution.

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