Native 1080p Support For Select PS1 And PS2 Titles Coming To PS4?

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For many, backwards compatibility is one of the most lusted-after features for next-gen consoles. Despite this, neither the Xbox One or the PS4 have managed to break the ice and open up access for its users. With another year of E3 quickly approaching though, this could very well change. According to an “industry insider,” Sony has plans in the works to implement both PS1 and PS2 support on the PS4 in the future.

This rumor comes from a series of tweets posted by Ahsan Rasheed who allegedly has insider information regarding Sony’s future plans for the PS4. According to him, Sony is working on providing native 1080p support for certain PS1 and PS2 games on their next-gen console. If this proves true, the range of classic titles available to PS4 owners could very easily grow exponentially and fulfill many gamers’ dreams.

While this should be taken with a grain of salt and treated only as the rumor it is, it also doesn’t sound too far off from the reality at Sony right now. With the recent reveal of Sony’s incoming Playstation Now streaming service, the concept of a wider array of playable Playstation classics seems to be very much on the table. As such, it does not seem like too much of a stretch that this backwards compatibility could be opened up to physical copies as well.

Following along with Rasheed’s tweets, this potential implementation could still be quite a ways off. As he states, the software itself is in a rough state and is only compatible with a selection of the two generations-worth of content. Rumor or not, the idea of backwards compatibility returning with the PS4 is something to salivate at. Following Microsoft’s statement of interest and subsequent dismissal of a conceptual cloud-based backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, anything that can keep the hope alive will surely be welcomed by gamers.

It’s hard to judge the validity of rumors for sure where “industry insiders” are concerned. Backwards compatibility has been a hot-button issue for multiple generations now, but has yet to be truly realized like PS1 games on PS2. With the recent jump in hardware power, it’s entirely possible that these dreams could finally become a reality. If this is the case, then the quickly-approaching E3 could very well hold the answers that nostalgic gamers are craving.

Does backwards compatibility sound like something that could realistically find its way onto next-gen consoles at some point? Is it possible that the cost of implementation is pushing hardware developers away?


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