Sony Unveils 20th Anniversary PS4 Console with PS1 Color Scheme

PS1 Theme PS4 Console

20 years ago, Sony took the console world by storm with their new home entertainment system, PlayStation. Well, maybe "by storm" is not the right phrase, but they certainly tried to stake their claim. However, many were suspect of the gray console as a Nintendo and Sega competitor, but eventually the PS1 grew on us. And now, PlayStation is as ubiquitous as any other console manufacturer.

To celebrate that achievement, Sony is set to offer a throwback PS4 console that sports the same color scheme as the original PlayStation. The Limited Edition console will be sold worldwide, but with only 12,300 units made, will be very difficult to find.

Sony also revealed a retail price for the "Original Grey" console of €499, a €100 bump for the extra color scheme. The console does appear to come packaged with a PlayStation camera as well.

However, when we say the console could be hard to find, we mean it. Sony has already come forward to say European retailers will not carry the console, and they are saving North American details for their PlayStation Experience keynote on December 6th. So, chances are gamers will have to fight tooth and nail – or wait in a virtual line – to get their hands on the PS4.

Still, it is a beautiful design that is sure to bring back plenty of memories. Even the controller and PS4 camera have that "Original Grey" color scheme and that old school red, green, and yellow logo.

20th Anniversary PS4 and PS1

Even if you can't get a hold of the throwback console, though, Sony has a special treat for their fans. Today, they have released a series of PS4 themes that mimic the designs of PlayStations past. There's one for each generation of PlayStation console, complete with sound effects from that era. So, although your console might still look sleek and modern, the interface will have those old school touches. All three themes are available to download on the PSN right now.

Stick tuned to Game Rant for full details on where to get this 20th Anniversary PS4 console.

What do you think of the throwback PS4 design? How much would you pay for one?


Source: Sony

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