PS3 Catching Up to Xbox 360 in Global Sales

ps3 and xbox 360 side by side

Both Sony and Microsoft have recently reported their global earnings, including statistics that show the PlayStation 3 at 38.1 consoles sold and the Xbox 360 at 41.7 million units sold. If you didn't notice, that is only a small margin of 3.6 million; Sony is catching up.

Sony closing the gap on Microsoft in sales could mean numerous things. While 360 is still in the lead, it's important to note that the 360 has been on the market for one whole year before the debut of the PS3. So what does that mean? Has Sony done something right or has Microsoft done something wrong? Actually it could mean neither?

With the 360's one year head start over the PS3, consumers who have considered purchasing a 360 have most likely already done so by now. This does not necessarily mean that Microsoft has done something wrong but quite the opposite. A significant amount of gamers have already chosen the 360 to be their console of choice, so now you run into the issue of Microsoft running out of consumers to market to. If you're a gamer most likely you already own the 360, so now the only natural choice is to purchase a PS3. These sales numbers could simply reflect the PS3 playing catch-up, and the pentacle of this generations console sales.

Although, this is not to say that Sony hasn't made amazing strides in the right direction. Over the past year Sony has released the slim model of the PS3 while giving the original model an excellent price cut. We also can't ignore that over the past year Sony has finally started releasing some worthwhile PS3 exclusives such as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, God of War 3, and Heavy Rain. Only within the last couple of months has Microsoft released their own slim model of the 360 and it's only speculated to make a price cut to the original model in the Fall.

We also cannot forget that even though the 360 is dominating in the West, it has more than lackluster sales in Japan. The real proving grounds for both consoles will be next years sales figures, that will represent the success of both of Microsoft's and Sony's venture into the casual gamer market with the Kinect for Xbox 36o and the Playstation Move.

Speaking of the casual gaming market the Wii is dominating in sales as usual, with Nintendo recently reporting sales of 30 million consoles in the U.S. alone.

So Ranters, do you believe the PS3 has a solid chance of taking the number two spot in the console sales race?

Source: IndustryGamers

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