While Xbox 360 gamers are in the midst of enjoying a double XP weekend on Call of Duty: Black Ops, PSN users continue to twiddle their thumbs waiting impatiently for the PSN to come back online. Thankfully, Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar announced via Twitter that although PS3 users think they are missing out on the double XP, a plan is being put in place to correct that issue.

Though details are still “to come” according to Vonderhaar, many might be quick to jump on the idea that the PSN might be coming back at some point during the double XP weekend. Unfortunately, Sony recently gave a brief update on the PSN situation some time after Vonderhaar’s Twitter message that indicates the PSN most likely will not be up this weekend.

This, of course, begs the question as to what Vonderhaar means when he says that PS3 users will not be missing out on the double XP weekend. Digging a bit deeper into the entirety of Vonderhaar’s message might shed some light on the issue, more specifically his suggestion that “a plan is being crafted with top men who own BIG watches.”

What Vonderhaar could mean by the “top men with big watches” is that the folks at Treyarch or Activision are keeping track of the amount of time that the PSN is down, and will, at a later date, provide a double XP weekend that spans that amount of time. Most likely this will just mean that on the weekend following the PSN’s resurrection Black Ops will be hosting a double XP weekend for PS3 users, but hey it’s something.

Meant to coincide with this week’s release of the Escalation map pack for Black Ops, the double XP weekend is an always-brilliant strategy on the part of Call of Duty developers. Working two fold to both increase traffic and entice gamers with Escalation, the double XP weekend is, unfortunately, just another piece of salt on the wound that is the PSN outage.

While we applaud Treyarch’s acknowledgment of the unfortunate situation, it doesn’t lessen the blow of knowing a new map pack is out and being unable to download it. However, with the PSN hopefully set to come back online any day now Black Ops players have not only Escalation and the new zombie map Call of the Dead to look forward to, but also some sort of gift from Treyarch.

What do you think Treyarch plans to do to compensate those who missed out on the Black Ops double XP weekend because of the PSN outage?