PS3 System Update 3.50 with Blu-ray 3D Support Available Now

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Some of you probably came home this evening with hopes of logging on to PlayStation Network and downloading the new NBA Elite 11 or DJ Hero 2 demos, only to realize you had a system update blocking your path.

The update, marked 3.50, includes support for Blu-ray 3D disks, updated Facebook integration, and grief reporting.

Those of you who own a 3D television can now take full advantage of the PS3 hardware if you have a compatible 3D Blu-ray movie. The 3D revolution has had a rough start, with many consumers sticking to their 2D home theaters until the entry cost of 3D comes down. So while people are waiting they can pass the time by checking Facebook while in-game. The new update allows developers to integrate Facebook directly into their titles giving gamers the ability to access the major aspects of their Facebook accounts including profile, photos and their friends list.

Another feature added in 3.50 is the grief reporting. Users who receive spam or messages they find offensive can now report them directly to Sony from their friends list. Yes, that's right you now wield the power of the ban hammer!

I don't own a 3D TV, or know anyone who does - and I do not plan to own one in the near or distant future. Obviously some PS3 owners do, and I'm sure they'll get a kick out of their newfound ability to play 3D Blu-ray disks. As for Facebook, I didn't use it much when it was first implemented, but I'm sure there are many who will welcome this new feature once developers start adding it to their games.

Saving the best for last, I am most excited for the grief reporting. I don't get a lot of spam or inappropriate content on PSN, but just knowing I have the option to influence Sony's ban hammer makes me feel all warm and secure, like the soft embrace of a giant Sackboy.

Ranters, what are your thoughts on the new 3.50 update? Do any of you own a 3D TV to watch 3D Blu-rays on, and if so can I come and watch?

The 3.50 system update is available now for download on PlayStation 3.

Source: PlayStation via Shacknews

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