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PSN Flash Sale

Face it: there are too many good games out there. Even if a person were to spend every waking hour of their entire life slumped in front of a PC, sitting back with a handheld, or perched in front of a console, there's no way that he or she could play all the great titles that have been released - or those games that one day will be.

However, that doesn't stop many gamers from trying. Enter the dreaded backlog, otherwise known as the Pile of Shame. Almost every serious gamer has one: a stack of unopened game boxes or a long list of digital titles that are paid for, but never played. Maybe they were picked up during a wallet-draining Steam sale; maybe they're simply loaners from a friend. Either way, the pile never seems to get smaller. You tell yourself you'll play them all someday, but you're not fooling anyone - especially not yourself.

If that sounds familiar, then Sony has some bad news for you. The PlayStation Network is holding a weekend flash sale, offering roughly eighty titles for under a dollar. Even worse, very few of them are truly bad games; there are enough good deals here to keep gamers busy for a long, long time.

PSN Flash Sale Game List

While there are a few PlayStation 4 games in the bunch (most notably Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition), PlayStation 3 owners are the real winners. Gamers aching for Mortal Kombat X can ease the pain with Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, which collects some of the earliest games in the franchise. Fans of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead can check out some of the studio's earlier efforts; note, however, that the Game of Thrones title on sale isn't Telltale's version, but rather a tepidly received role-playing game made by Cyanide Studios. There are quirky titles like Keita Takahashi's Noby Noby Boy, a healthy selection of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 classics, gameshow recreations, and even a couple triple-A blockbusters. There's literally something for everyone.

PS Vita fans don't have quite the selection that PlayStation 3 owners do - there are only two titles on sale - but one of them is Gravity Rush, one of the most innovative Vita games ever made. Given that Sony seems to be prepping a big-screen remake of the same title, it might be worth picking up now, when it only costs 81 cents.

All-in-all, it's a sale that's as impressive as it is dangerous. Many of these titles are worth far more than $1; while the PSN flash sale certainly won't break the bank, it will make those backlogs swell. Thanks, Sony.

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