PS3 Edition Of 'Mortal Kombat' Has Large Mandatory Installation

Mortal Kombat PS3 Large Mandatory Installation

With Mortal Kombat just a few days away from release, fans are anxiously waiting to get their hands on what's expected to be the bloodiest and goriest game in the series yet. PS3 owners are thought to have the better version of the game, as their edition comes with exclusive character Kratos of the God Of War series. Even though this may seem unfair, PS3 owners shouldn't declare victory just yet, as it appears as though their version will also have a huge mandatory install.

While mandatory installs aren't uncommon with PS3 games, they have decreased a bit in recent years. Mortal Kombat's, however, may be a bit much for owners to swallow, as it's said to be as large as 4 gigabytes. That's a 40th of a standard 160GB PS3 system. And while it isn't as big as some earlier games released for the system, it's certainly up there in terms of space. This also means that gamers will be waiting a long time before actually being able to play.

Granted, this could be because of all of the content included in the game, and a mandatory installation would allow the game to run faster than without. Still, with other recent games, such as Portal 2, not having a mandatory install to play, it raises some questions about the development of the game and why such a method is truly necessary.

This could also hurt the PS3 version's standing among fans. Even if the Xbox 360 version doesn't carry any of the rumored exclusives, players may still opt for buying that version, if only to not have to worry about the game taking up a large amount of space on their hard drives. Even if the two games are virtually identical, a minor addition like this can affect the sales of a game considerably.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Would a mandatory install affect your choice of which game to buy? Is such an idea even necessary for a game these days? What could be the contributing factor into this being included?

Mortal Kombat is set for release on April 19, 2011 in North America, and April 21, 2011 in other parts of the world, for the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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