10 PS3 Games With The Best Storylines

Story is slowly becoming one of the most important aspects of any video game. Video games give you the ability to do what you wish you can do in a book or movie; actually experience the world and make decisions within it. With an ability like that, stories have evolved evolved for video games. Instead of a linear narrative, some games are written in the shape of an upside-down tree where you can only get a certain ending if you make a certain choice. How cool is that? Some writing is still linear, though, and still remains powerful. There are memorable twists, characters, and places.

Despite the PlayStation 4 being out, there are still reasons to keep your PlayStation 3 if you love stories. Here are 10 games for the PS3 with amazingly written stories.

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10 Mass Effect 2

Most gamers will tell you that Mass Effect 2 is a must-play game. Everything about it was good, but the story was amazing. Good writing is typically where Bioware excels the most. The characters are all memorable, and you have the exciting role of their commander. The main villains are pretty interesting and are hard to forget, as well.

As a science fiction story, this game is amazing. It is no wonder that it also has its own comics and books. The alien races and their cultures are particularly well thought out and fascinating.

9 Telltales Walking Dead

Telltale has made some amazing story-based games. The Walking Dead was their crown jewel in terms of characters, story, and motivation. They keep even truer to the comics than the TV show, and you see some familiar faces like Glenn and Jesus but the story truly revolves around some awesome original characters.

The story initially focuses on Lee, who protects a little girl named Clementine through the zombie apocalypse. Also, be prepared to cry a waterfall at various points in this series. True to The Walking Dead franchise, this game is merciless to its characters.

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8 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

Like the Kingdom Hearts' series, the Metal Gear franchise's overarching plot is hard to wrap your mind around. It feels like a military shooter game, but there are clones, a vampire, cyborgs, and ridiculous and over-the-top antics.

However, fans still love the story. Sometimes they don't understand what is even happening—especially if they never played a Metal Gear game before—but the characters just feel real and you feel for them and their battles. A ton of love went into Guns of the Patriots, and the story had very memorable fights and dialogue between the characters.

7 Nier

Before Nier: Automata stole the show, regular Nier existed for the PlayStation 3. You play a grizzled father who seeks to find a cure for his daughter's magical illness. (Though in the Japanese version, you play her brother for some reason.)

Like Automata, the story is very tragic and full of unfortunate twists for the main protagonist. The characters are memorable, and, if you liked Automata, then it would benefit you to know that Emil's backstory is in this game.

6 Life Is Strange

Life is Strange is a very atmospheric choice-based game. You play as a photography student, Max, who mysteriously gets the ability to time travel. She uses her powers through various challenges, from little things such as getting someone's name right to saving the life of her friend. The game was well-loved due to its interesting characters, choices, and story.

It is a story that lets you enjoy the little things like just sitting on a bench while the protagonist monologues to herself. However, that does not mean there is not a lot of thrill in the plot either. We won't spoil anything, but the story gets really dark.

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5 Okami

The PlayStation 3 version of Okami is a remaster, as it actually first appeared for the PlayStation 2 and Wii. However, it definitely deserves a spot on this list. The story is perfect for anyone who loves Japanese culture and/or takes an interest in Shinto mythology. There is a lot to love about the game, but let's just talk about its story.

You play the sun goddess, Amaterasu, in the form of a white wolf. A lot of evil has spread around Japan, and it is your job to cast it out. In your wolf form, you travel to various towns, villages, and forests and help the locals (both human and animal). The game is so loved, it also got a remaster for the PlayStation 4.

4 Dragon Age Origins

The Dragon Age series definitely has the strongest fantasy story and characters of the gaming world. It is not a sandbox game like the Elder Scrolls series, which allows it to be far more plot and character-centered. Like Mass Effect, the races and cultures are super interesting. However, unless Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins allows you to choose the race you are and get your own origin story.

The writing in this is spectacular, from the dialogue, to the magic, to the witty background banter.

3 The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is another one of Telltales' best games. Like many of their creations, it was based on a comic. Even if you have not read or heard of the Fables comic series, the story for this game is still easy to follow and very enjoyable. It is mostly easy to understand because a part of you already knows the characters since they are all from fairytales.

You also get to play as the coolest of the characters, Bigby (the Big Bad Wolf), who acts as sheriff and looks into fable-related cases.

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2 Bioshock Infinite

The Bioshock series is so loved by gamers because the stories are known for their memorable twists, settings, and characters. Bioshock Infinite definitely delivered on that front. Critics called it a masterful act of storytelling.

You play as a man named Booker who goes to the floating city of Columbia to rescue a young woman, Elizabeth. The story was written with a lot of room for players to draw their own conclusions. The DLC is highly recommended, as it adds a lot to the story. Also, be prepared for mind-bending twists.

1 Dishonored

Dishonored is a game that did not have to add a lot of detail to the world it took place in, but it did. The mixture of technology and magic makes the world very interesting. You play an empresses bodyguard, Corvo. At the beginning of the game, though, he turns from bodyguard to assassin and takes vengeance on a group of people who ended the empresses life.

You are provided with different methods of getting rid of your enemies, and what you choose influences the story and future missions. Critics have said that the story leaves you wanting more and allows for a lot of replayability.

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