Several PS3 Game Servers Are Being Turned Off

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It shouldn't come as a surprise to players when their favorite online games decide it's time to make the final call. Multiplayer-centric games, while giving players the best combination of social and gaming experiences, often have a finite time window of appeal before their player base begins to lessen and eventually shutter. For the PlayStation 3, the near 12-year old system has many online games whose online communities now only consist of die hards, and a few of the more high profile titles are making the final call before it shuts down its servers for good.

In a thread posted on Resetera, PS3 games Warhawk, Twisted Metaland PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale will be shutting down their servers on October 25th. The thread pulls the new information from each of the game's respective store pages, citing that on the aforementioned day, players will not have access to any of the online features, restricting the titles to either local multiplayer or single-player modes being offered. Warhawk is the title being hit the hardest with this news, as the multiplayer-only game will be entirely unplayable. It should be noted that for PlayStation All Stars, online support for the PS Vita version of the game will also be discontinued next month.

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Also mentioned is how long each game had their servers online for. Warhawk tops the list between all three games with over 11 years of access to online, with PlayStation All Stars having the shortest life-span, topping out at just under six years. Twisted Metal's online servers have been playable for just under seven years. Warhawk released on PS3 back in 2007, while Twisted Metal and PlayStation All Stars launched in 2012. While there's no news on a potential sequel for the first two titles, rumors have been around for some time now about the possibility for a second PlayStation All Stars game.

Even though closing online servers for just three games in the PS3 robust library is a sign of the times, the system has been out of production for a few years now, and Sony has actively been trying to push players away from its legacy consoles by cutting out the PS3 and PS Vita of receiving free PS Plus games starting in March of next year. Despite the closure of some of the PS3's most popular games, players still have much to look forward to with the PS4. Sony has finally announced it's allowing cross-play support for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch via a beta with Epic Game's Fortnite, showing that while one door of its online communities has closed, it's opened up another for potential millions of new players.

Source: Resetera

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