PS3 Exclusive Platformer 'Sideway' Coming In 2011

Sideway Action Platformer

Scott Simpson, Studio Director at Playbrains, has announced Sideway, a PlayStation 3 exclusive adventure platformer coming to PSN next year. The game will be set in and around the streets of New York City.

The story and characters were developed from a world created by Fuel Industries and W!ldbrain. W!ldbrain, an award-winning entertainment company and one of the world's foremost producers of animation, entered into a partnership with Fuel Industries, the interactive marketing and digital agency, this spring. Fuel Industries has a history of producing branded entertainment and creating popular interactive brands to develop in various mediums. The developmental partnership aims to create sustainable franchises on a variety of media platforms, with Sideway being one of the first projects worked on by the two companies.

Sideway Art Style

Sideway strives to capture the art and passion of the urban underground graffiti culture in New York City. The art style and character design reflect the artistic vision of the game and the people at Playbrains promise that the images will be as similar to actual gameplay as possible. Following the adventures of a young rebel named Noz, the game will take gamers on a journey through the realm of Sideway. The concept behind the realm of Sideway is that of a two-dimensional world that exists on the city's walls. On those walls, the gamers will experience a mixture of combat and puzzle solving.

Sideway Game

Simpson acknowledges that the game is too early in development for gamers to actually get their hands on it. However, he invites those who will be attendance at the New York Comic-Con to come to Room 1A21 at 2:15 on October 8th for their formal announcement.

"We are in sooper-deep development at the moment (please send pizza and beer), which means that the belts are coming off and we’re settling into our coding chairs for winter in order to get things all sparkly for a 2011 launch. We’re not ready to spill the beans on some of the really cool features and unique gameplay elements in the game just yet, so until then, take a gander at some early concept pieces and composites from the game that should give you an idea of the world you will be tooling around in as an underground street artist in NYC. It will be an awesome game and we’re excited to be making it."

Sideway will be exclusively available on the PlayStation Network in 2011.

Source: Playstation.Blog

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