Most gamers have a love for “what if” scenarios. Whether it’s wondering what would happen if Apple bought Nintendo or dreaming of video game sequels that need to be made, most gaming fans enjoy speculating about the future of the industry and games they want developed. Because of this, the recent discovery that three (previously unknown) PS3 games have been cancelled is like Christmas coming early.

This revelation comes courtesy of Steve Johnson, a sound designer for Sony Santa Monica, whose LinkedIn profile lists the three cancelled games along with all his other work. These games were in development for the PS3 sometime within the last 4 years, but exactly how far along they were is not known. The three titles are listed below as they appeared in Steve’s profile.

  • High Rise (cancelled) – PS3 – Sound Designer / Audio Lead
  • Hand of God (cancelled) – PS3 – Sound Designer / Audio Lead
  • Psynapse (cancelled) – PS3, PSP – Sound Designer / Audio Lead

Some quick detective work reveals that Psynapse was a brain-training game being developed for both the PS3 and PSP. There aren’t any more details regarding Psynapse, but it was likely Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s popular Brain Age franchise that began on the DS. Check out the short promotional clip for Psynapse.


Nothing is known about the other two titles, but that won’t stop us from guessing. Hand of God seems like the perfect name for a follow-up to Clover Studio’s (RIP) God Hand — a mostly well-received PS2 game that pops up frequently on fan’s wish-lists. As for High Rise, anybody’s guess is as good as mine, but I like to imagine it as a hybrid of Crackdown and a billionaire CEO simulator.

It would be great to know more about these games and why they got cancelled, but for now it’s purely speculation. However, don’t let this bring you down because Steve Johnson’s LinkedIn profile also has placeholders for four unannounced PS3 titles. It’s probably safe to say that one of these is the yet-to-be-announced God of War 4, but we won’t know anything solid until Sony releases the information or Steve updates his LinkedIn profile.

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Let us know what type of games you think High Rise and Hand of God were. Are you excited to find out what games Sony has in the works?

Source: LinkedIn

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