With the PlayStation Vita nearing release, it has become a major talking point in the gaming world. Not only are gamers intent on discussing what the new handheld will be capable of achieving, but also how it will affect other facets of the gaming industry. The PS3 is one of those such facets.

Ever since its release, gamers have yearned for the ability to chat with their friends regardless of which game they’re currently playing. Since this feature has been a large part of the Xbox 360, the omission is felt even more by those using the PS3. With the recent unveiling of the Vita’s technical specs and the announcement that it would support cross-game chat, gamers rejoiced and began speculating as to whether the feature would then make its way over to the PS3.

Sadly, according to President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, this feature will never be implemented into the console. The issue that is holding this feature back lies in the way the PS3 handles its RAM. This is due to the fact that the RAM is used by the game rather than the system itself. Yoshida claims that “it’s not possible to retrofit something like that after the fact.” As such, this will surely be a blow to gamers who had got their hopes up regarding the possible new feature.

For a console that pushed boundaries in terms of its hardware, it’s disappointing to hear that such a basic feature like cross-game chat will never be possible on the PS3 console. While it may not be a crucial aspect of a person’s gaming experience, it no doubt simplifies the experience and allows for a wider network of communication. It’s great to see that the feature will be making an appearance on the Vita though. Along with the fact that it will be able to be used as a PS3 controller and that all its games will be downloadable, it’s no surprise that companies like SEGA have such high hopes for the device.

With so much discussion regarding the Vita, it’s only a matter of time before talk returns to speculation regarding the PS4. While the PS3 may not be able to support cross-game chat, it can be almost guaranteed that the PS4 will ensure that the console’s hardware will not hold it back from including such a requested feature. For the time being though, it’s not surprising that Sony is intent on focusing their efforts on continuing the PS3’s success and ensuring a smooth launch for the PlayStation Vita.

Are you disappointed to hear that the PS3 will never receive cross-game chat? Are there any other features that the console is lacking that you would like to see in the PS4?

Source: IGN

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