Inductive Charging Station Powers Your 360 and PS3 Controllers With Science

inductive charging controller

So you love the convenience of wireless controllers, but you hate the price that they come with. The tedium of constant recharging, having to buy more AA batteries, or even worse the controller losing power in the middle of gaming. Well, the people at CTA Digital have developed something to make gaming life a little more convenient for you. What they've created is the Vertical Induction Charger for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

Ps3 inductive charging

Both models of the futuristic looking charging dock are able to hold three controllers at once. An inductive adapter comes bundled with the the charging station to replace the regular style charging packs. It's unclear whether it comes with three adapters or not, in order to match the amount of controller docks. The charging dock glows a cool neon color to indicate that the controllers are charging. The Xbox 360 version of the charging station bears a striking resemblance to the space ship from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

For a quick demonstration check out the videos below:



The best feature of all of the charging dock is that it comes with the price point of only $50. In my opinion this would be a much better purchasing decision for the cash strapped than the new Xbox 360 controller with the alternate D-pad. The inductive charging docks aren't sold through CTA's website directly, but you can purchase them through Amazon (Amazon 360 & Amazon PS3). Since the creator of Resident Evil believes that motion controls are 10 years from being mainstream, this would be a great way to make our time left with the current generation of controllers much more enjoyable.

Who would have that controllers could evolve to the point where they can be charged wirelessly?

So is the Vertical Induction charger a good enough deal to make you guys leave the old style of recharging and replacing batteries?

Source: Gizmodo

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