Star Wars fans have even more to be excited about in 2016 with Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter, and Bounty Hunter now available on the PlayStation Store.

With 2015’s release of The Force Awakens and EA’s Star Wars Battlefront, last year was a good year to be a Star Wars fan. Now, less than a month into 2016, it seems like this year is also shaping up to be a strong year for the franchise with three of the old Star Wars PlayStation 2 titles announced to be coming to the PS4.

The games that are now available on the PlayStation Store include Star Wars: Racer RevengeStar Wars: Jedi Starfighter, and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. All 3 titles feature up-rendered 1080p graphics as well as Trophies on the PS4 console. What’s more, the games have received support for PlayStation services such as Shareplay and activity feeds. PlayStation Vita owners can also take advantage of the handheld’s Remote Play feature, allowing gamers to access the titles from the smaller screen.

Star Wars Racer

Each game will set buyers back a very reasonable $10. However, because Sony’s PS2 emulation function is not the same as straight backwards-compatibility, Star Wars fans will have to buy the titles again, even if they already own the original disks. The company is also looking to it’s players to help them decide which classic PlayStation 2 titles they’d like to see in the future. Bounty Hunter and Racer Revenge are also available on PS3 consoles. These remastered titles will join the SNES’s Super Star Wars, which has been available on the PlayStation Store for the past couple of months for both the PS4 and Vita.

Whilst these four games are sure to be popular with Star Wars fans everywhere, in particular those who played the games at the time of their release, there are sure to be many fans who will be asking for more. With Battlefront having sold over 12 million copies, there’s no doubt that many gamers would like to see the original Star Wars Battlefront titles also make an appearance on the PlayStation Store.

Emulation of old, popular titles is something that gamers have been demanding ever since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 announced that they would not be backward-compatible on launch. Now, both consoles are rushing to push out their own versions of backwards-compatibility, despite earlier claims that it might be impossible. The Wii U has not struggled with these same issues and Nintendo has both Microsoft and Sony beaten with the eShop filled with all manner of titles ported from many older consoles.

Star Wars: Racer RevengeStar Wars: Jedi Starfighter, and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter are available now for PS4.

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