Rumor Patrol: PS2 Classics to be Released on PSP Via PSN?

PS2 Classics to be Available on PSP

Many gamers have held onto their first generation PS3 units, just so that they can revisit their favorite PS2 games. This is because soon after launch Sony removed the backwards compatibility feature from all future PS3 consoles.

Now it seems that Sony might plan on cashing in on the popularity of the PS2 by making them available for download on the PSP via PSN.

The ability to play PS2 games on the PS3 was a cost cutting measure - and soon speculation sprung up about whether the feature could be brought back with a firmware update. Gamers also speculated that Sony may attempt to cash in on the vast PS2 library by offering them for purchase on PSN. If an Official PlayStation Magazine UK rumor is true then owners of PSPs will soon have something to celebrate.

Having PS2 classics such as Viewtiful Joe and Metal Gear Solid 2 on a handheld would be nice. However, something about this rumor is a bit strange. This rumor specifically talks about these games being available to play on PSP, but not the PS3. Seeing as it's just a rumor, this could be a new service that will roll out with the NGP. The dual analog sticks of the NGP would make playing PS2 games a lot more comfortable than on the PSP. Not only that, but this service would make the new handheld very attractive to fans of PS2 classics.

PSP and NGP to Coexist

Given the sucess of the God of War Collection and The Sly Collection, it was only a matter of time before Sony brought the rest of its popular PS2 line-up to PSN.

There was no word on when this service might be making its way to PSN, so be sure to keep your eyes here for any updates.

Will you buy PS2 games if they were available for download? And if so, which titles will you want most?

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine UK (via CVG)

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