We got a ton news out of the Tokyo Game Show for the PS Vita, so much that we could hardly put it all in our comprehensive Vita Blowout – check it out if you want the full details on the handheld. Another bit of news we got today is a video showing multiple colors of the Vita that may or may not see the light of day.

Unlike Nintendo, Sony isn’t known for releasing multiple flavors of their handhelds at launch. Sony tends to save these special units for particular bundles. One example is the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker “Big Boss” pack which featured a camouflaged PSP. Gamers in the U.S. also never get to see all those Japanese exclusive colors (i.e. blue/red PS3), unless we pay extra to import them – a practice that one Sony President doesn’t recommend.

In the following video, multiple Vita units in various colors are put on display. There’s also a glimpse of alternate colors of the PS3 slim, one featuring a graphic from Final Fantasy 13-2, another console design we may never see outside of Japan. Check the video below and let us know which color you prefer.


Again, these colors may never see the shores of North America or they may never be released at all. These display models are made to give the public a glimpse of what could look like in various colors. The added cost of producing multiple SKUs with only a color difference isn’t worth it, which is why Sony usually bundles these special colors with games that will push units.

Right now we only have a Japanese release date for the Vita and there’s no word on if they will get more than one color at launch. The Vita is already coming in a Wi-fi only and 3G model so asking for additional colors on top of that might be asking a bit much.

The Vita launches in Japan on December 17th, with a North American release date pending.

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