Vita's European Launch Line-Up Confirmed; New MotorStorm & Zipper Game Coming

PlayStation Vita Launch Line Up Revealed

Sony fans waiting quite a long time to learn of the PlayStation Vita's North American launch date, and now that it has been confirmed one question has remained on everyone's mind: What games will make up the launch line-up? We might not know the North American release titles yet, but the recently released list of European launch titles should offer some clues.

The list of PS Vita games contains solely first party games, which means that there are still plenty of titles to look forward to from publishers like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and others. Still, the line-up consisting of titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048 are sure to keep any gamer entertained.

Sadly, Sony has yet to announce the full list of North American launch titles, but chances are the titles we're getting won't deviate too much from this list. ModNation Racers: Road Trip has already been confirmed as a lunch title for North America, and it'd be pretty difficult to imagine the handheld device launching without it's flagship title, Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Check out the full list:

If for some reason none of these games interest you, remember that you can always play PSP titles on the Vita, albeit for a "small" fee. Still, just to up the ante even more, Sony has unveiled two new titles that will release in the Vita's launch window, MotorStorm RC and Unit 13, a third person shooter crafted by the team at Zipper Interactive.

MotorStorm fans need not worry about this new spin-off title being low quality, as it comes straight from Evolution Studios, the masterminds behind one of the best racing franchises on the PS3. The best part of it all is that once you buy MotorStorm RC you will recieve a copy for both the Vita and the PS3 (via PSN).


As for Unit 13, the title looks promising, and is sure to be a treat for shooter fans until Resistance: Burning Skies hits the Vita. The game makes full use of the Vita's dual analog sticks and the front and rear touch pads. For fans of SOCOM 4 and MAG, Unit 13 is probably a title to keep an eye on. The game also uses the Vita's NEAR feature in a creative way which allows for constant message notifications and updates. This feature works best with the 3G model as players will get continuous updates, though on the wifi model they will only receive updates once connected.


No matter what type of games you're into, there looks to be something for everyone in the PlayStation Vita - and that's just from early first-party development, we just hope Sony can keep up this momentum in the future. With over seventy titles already in development, it seems likely they've learned from the mistakes of Nintendo and the launch of the 3DS, but it's just a shame that those Vita memory sticks cost so much.

The PlayStation Vita releases in North America February 22nd, 2011, or a week earlier if you pre ordered the First Edition Bundle.


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