PS Vita Glitches Arise Following Launch in Japan

PS Vita Glitches In Japan

With every piece of new technology there are bound to be glitches at some point - even after extensive bug testing by developers. The PlayStation Vita has only been out in Japan for a few days and already there are videos sprouting up that showcase glitches on the highly anticipated handheld tech.

When the PS Vita was first officially announced, almost a year ago, gamers were on-board for the next generation portable from Sony - after the success of the PSP. Could users be looking forward to a disappointment or will Sony figure out the issues before it launches to the rest of the world? If you're still on the fence about the tech, take a look at more of the specifications for the PS Vita for additional information.

There is no surprise that videos have been popping up that show glitches after an additional 200,000 units were shipped on top of the original 500,000 - due to an underestimated amounts of pre-orders in Japan. This extra availability of stock helped Japanese gamers nab their portable without the need for a pre-order - but with so many more units on shelves more opportunities for glitches seemed inevitable. In this day and age, public relations disasters can happen at the drop of a hat, due to user-content on YouTube and Twitter, so what will Sony do to solve this fiasco?

Although these cases could be just isolated incidents, the fact that they are happening is a let down. The Vita system has been reported to freeze - and not be able to power down without a very extended amount of holding down the power button. Other power issues are cropping up as well, where the device won't even power up - even after the batteries have been fully charged. A big concern are OLED "spots" or "stains" on the front display that are not pretty to look at.

Check out a user submitted video of some of the touch screen glitches that they encountered:


Hopefully with all these glitches the in-game manuals will not be effected as certain titles are releasing their products without paper manuals. If more glitches like this arise, how are gamers supposed to figure out instructions if they can't even pop up on the screen? It is not confirmed whether all or just some of the games will include in-game manuals, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 may just be just one of a few or many. With all the PS Vita games being optioned as downloadable through the PSN then expect to see less games coming with paper manuals when the system releases.

On a side note, check out the size of the PS Vita game cards compared to other memory and game cards (click the image to enlarge):

PS Vita Game Card

Stay tuned into Game Rant for more news as it arrives on this new Vita development and whether or not Sony can bang out a solution.

The PS Vita will be available to the North America, Europe, and Australia markets on February 22, 2012. The suggested retail price is set at $249 for the WiFi only model and $300 for the 3G model.


Source: Andriasang (Article 1 and Article 2) & Computer and Video Games

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