The PlayStation Vita launched recently with a sleek black look but not everyone likes the color black, and Sony knows it. That’s why they’re releasing a brand new Vita that is crystal white.

You can get it soon – if you live in Japan that is.

The new crystal white Vita will launch in Japan on June 28th for the same price as a “classic” Vita. At this point, it doesn’t seem likely that the Vita will get a North American launch – especially considering retail PS3’s are only available in black. Those outside of Japan who want a white Vita will be glad to hear the hardware is region free, so all of your North American/European games will work on it, the only difference is the circle button to accept and cross button to cancel. Well, and the added import costs of course.

In addition to crystal white, there will also be a second model released in Japan during the month of August, sporting a Hatsune Miku theme. Though there’s basically zero chance this set will be getting a North American release – unless of course Sega decides to bring the latest Hatsune Miku Project Diva game over. Which they probably won’t, considering their recent financial troubles. Unfortunate too considering the game looks very fun.

You can check out the new Vita models in the screenshots below, or in the trailer posted at the top of this article.

Even as a Vita owner, I would be really appreciative of Sony if this saw a launch outside of Japan. While the PSP was released in a rainbow of colors to support new titles, the PS3 has only been available in black. Japanese PS3 owners were able to purchase PS3’s sporting Yakuza 3 and Final Fantasy XIII art, both of which never saw a release outside of the country. As was said earlier, that doesn’t exactly bode well for the crystal white Vita seeing an international release. But hey, Sony’s been making some good decisions – who knows what the future holds for their little handheld?

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Source: Andriasang

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