Factory Reset Required To Switch Accounts On Vita; Canadian 3G Model Delayed

Vita Only Supports One PSN Account

The past couple of weeks have been pretty lukewarm for the PlayStation Vita, a statement made worse with Sony now confirming that factory reset is indeed necessary in order for players to switch accounts on the handheld.

It was recently discovered that the PlayStation Vita would only support one PSN account at a time, meaning those who have multiple accounts or plan to share the handheld between family members would have to do a factory reset of the system. Sony later clarified that this was not the case as PSN accounts were tied to memory cards and not the system. Unfortunately, it seems the company is now back pedaling on that statement by saying the system will in fact require a factory reset whenever one wants to switch accounts.

Coming from an interview with Wired, a Sony representative said that the PSN accounts are actually tied to both the hardware and the memory card(s), meaning that a factory reset is indeed necessary.

"[The] PSN account is tied to the hardware and the memory card, not just the card, which means that if a second person is using your Vita, it’s not just a case of switching out memory cards, it’s clearing out all of your saved data on the Vita itself when you do the factory reset. In other words, PlayStation Vita is intended to be played by only one user."

While having to swap memory cards wasn't exactly an ideal option - especially considering the rip-off prices of Vita memory cards - it was still a better alternative then having to perform a factory reset each time one wants to switch accounts, a problem that's really going to affect those who have accounts for different regions.

To make things worse for Canadian handheld gamers, the 3G Vita model has also seems to have been delayed in Canada. Sony has yet to confirm the delay, but reports have come in that retailer EB Games has begun sending out emails to customers stating that the model has been pushed back until April, with concerns related to the Canadian 3G carrier. Apparently EB Games now has the 3G model's release date listed as April, though sources inside the company have acknowledged that these could just be place holder dates.

This would explain why the PlayStation Vita First Bundle is only available with the Wi-fi model in Canada, yet in America both the 3G and Wi-fi models will be available at launch. For Canadian customers this could prove problematic, especially for upcoming Vita games such as Unit 13 that make use of the system's 3G features.


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Source: Wired, Kotaku

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