Amazon Claims 3G Vita Is Discontinued, Sony Denies

Sony Denies 3G Vita Cancellation

According to a recent Amazon listing, the 3G version of the PlayStation Vita has been discontinued by Sony.  This caused some alarm in consumers and PlayStation fans but thankfully, Sony has declared that this is not the case.

With the PlayStation Vita doing poorly in Japan, so much so that retailers have had to cut the price of 3G model, many gamers were starting to worry about the North American launch of the device.

When asked whether or not the 3G model had been discontinued, Sony's Patrick Seybold told Joystiq "this is not true." Admittedly, it seems so as the Amazon page for the PlayStation Vita now lists the 3G model as available and with a February 22nd release date.

While it may sound like there's a connection to the 3G Vita being delayed in Canada, this appears to be a separate issue entirely. This sounds more like an error in communication between Sony and Amazon, meaning those of you with plans to pick up the 3G model can rest easy. Unless you really hate AT&T.

This story seems to echo that of the faux The Last Guardian cancellation, wherein GameStop's computer system claimed the game was cancelled because it had taken so long to come out. It can't be good for Sony to have many of their products go through this, seeing as it may resonate with some consumers that the product is actually cancelled.

While the 3G model is still on track for release, I can't help but wonder why Amazon would have thought the model was discontinued. I just hope that despite the troubles with initial sales in Japan, both Sony and retailers still have faith in the product as it does have immense potential.

The PlayStation Vita releases February 22nd, 2012 in North America.


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Source: Joystiq, Amazon

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