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Sony will be announcing the new lineup of PSN free games for October 2019 on September 25th. Many PSN subscribers have been incredibly excited for this upcoming month's list of free games. After the September Instant Game Collections downloads were so very good, everyone is expecting some great things from Sony.

September's PSN freebies included the thrilling final chapter in the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight, the Fortnite celebration pack, and Darksiders III. With a lineup like that, it's hard not to be excited about what comes next. So here is a wish list of all the games that might end up in the Instant Game Collections games list this month.

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Monster Hunter World

With the newest expansion to Monster Hunter World, called Iceborne, making a massive splash this summer, there are few players out there who would not be surprised to see the base game out for free on the PSN this October. This would be not only a boon to players who have not gotten to play this amazing game, but also for people who have already traded in their copy of World without waiting for all that delightful DLC that's dropped since its January 2018 release.

While previous Monster Hunter games were not new-player friendly, World is much more accessible. It's a beautiful, fun game that just about everyone can dive into. If it doesn't drop for free in October, players should definitely pick up Iceborne anyway; it's highly reviewed and a fantastic game all around.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

While this might be a little crazy to hope to get for free, Resident Evil 7 would make an awesome game for October's Instant Game Collections. The PSN giveaways of October's past have always had a scary game or two to celebrate the season, like Resident Evil 1 (in 2016), the Amnesia collection (in 2017), and Friday the 13th (in 2018). It may be a stretch, but perhaps Sony would see it as a great way to sell some more PlayStationVR units to those who wonder if VR is really worth it. And Resident Evil 7 is such an awesome game; it really brings Resident Evil games back to its original, very scary roots.

Even if PSN doesn't drop Resident Evil 7 specifically, hopefully they give players one of the other super spooky games like Resident Evil to get everyone into the Halloween spirit.

Some Free Borderlands 3 Loot

While this might also seem a little far-fetched, this is a wish list after all! Last month, everyone was pleasantly surprised that, not only did they get the two games they expected, but also some free things for Fortnite, one of the most popular games in the world. So maybe hoping for a little bit of free loot for one of the other super popular games on the PlayStation isn't completely far-fetched. Cosmetics are a great way to get some people excited about new games, so a cosmetic for Borderlands 3 would be a sweet cherry on the top of this wish list.

PlayStation Plus members get two free games every month with their subscription.

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