Newegg Offering 1 Year of PS Plus for Cheap With Promo Code

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Whether playing on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4, each one now requires players to have a premium subscription in order to use most online features. Over the years, the price tags on subscriptions like PlayStation Plus have continued to rise, making things even tougher on multiple platform holders. Thankfully, sales do take place form time to time, easing the financial burden of subscribing to either service. Players looking to do something regarding their PlayStation Plus subscription have a new deal that may be worth considering.

For PlayStation fans who don't want to pay full price for a 12 month subscription to PlayStation Plus, Newegg is currently running a special that offers a big discount. The normal yearly price typically costs $60, but through this deal, players can grab it at only $43. Keep in mind that being a great deal for new subscribers, this deal is also great for those who want to simply renew their membership or extend an existing one further.

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To get the deal, head over to Newegg and select the $60 12 month PlayStation Plus option. During the checkout process, enter the promotional code EMCTEUT29 to get the expected discount. One thing to note is that this deal does have a couple of catches to keep in mind. The deal is limited to two per customer, and the offer itself ends on Monday, September 16 so interested players will want to act fast.


September is also a great month to sign up or renew a PlayStation Plus subscription. The free games available this month include Darksiders 3, the next game in the fan favorite franchise, as well as Batman: Arkham Knight, the last released game from Rocksteady Games who still has yet to officially reveal anything that it has been working on since. In addition to free games, players will need a Plus membership to get access to exclusive discounts and go online to partake in multiplayer activities that most games offer.

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Source: Newegg

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