PS Plus May 2019 Free Games for Asia Revealed, Could Tease What's Coming to US

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The free PS Plus games for May 2019 have yet to be revealed for the Americas and Europe, but they have been revealed for Asia and Japan. There's sometimes some overlap between the free games in various regions, and so the free PS Plus May 2019 games for Asia and Japan could give subscribers elsewhere an idea of what to expect.

In Asia, PS Plus subscribers will have two free games to download in the form of Metal Gear Survive and The WitnessMetal Gear Survive is a spinoff of the Metal Gear Solid series with a focus on survival elements, as its name implies, whereas The Witness is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning first-person puzzle game from the creator of Braid. PS Plus subscribers in Asia can also download a couple of free themes as well.

PS Plus subscribers in Japan will also get a free theme, in addition to two games of its own. Metal Gear Survive is overlapping between the two regions, though PS Plus subscribers in Japan are getting Darksiders: Warmastered Edition for their second free game instead of The Witness.

It's possible that the free PS Plus games for May 2019 in North America and Europe will be completely different than what's being offered in Japan and Asia. After all, Darksiders and The Witness have already been featured as free PS Plus games in North America in the past, and so we can already assume they won't be part of the May 2019 lineup.

However, Metal Gear Survive being one of the free games for both Japan and Asia is a strong indication that it could be a free PS Plus May 2019 game for North America and Europe as well. What the second game is remains to be seen, but fans should find out within the next couple of days.

For anyone wondering why there's only two free PS Plus games for May 2019, that's because Sony recently stopped releasing free PS Plus games for PS3 and PS Vita. Support for those systems are starting to phase out completely, especially since the PS5 is right around the corner.

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