Free PS Plus Games for May 2019 Available Now

free ps plus games for may 2019 available now

Every month brings with it a new batch of free PS Plus games, and May 2019 is no different. Starting today, the free PS Plus games for April 2019 are no longer available and have been replaced with Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch. Both of those games are available to download for PS4 owners right now.

PlayStation Plus subscribers with a PS3 or PS Vita may be confused as to why there are only two free games for May 2019, and why they are only on PS4. Unfortunately for those who still like gaming on PS3 and PS Vita, Sony has decided to stop releasing free PS3 and PS Vita games through PlayStation Plus. This means that, moving forward, there will only be two free PS Plus games each month, and they will only be available to download on PS4.

It's safe to say that many gamers have moved on to the PS4 anyway. However, now that PS Plus is giving away fewer free games than it has in the past, there is pressure on Sony to make sure each month satisfies PS Plus subscribers. Unfortunately, reaction to the free PS Plus games for May 2019 has been largely negative, with the trailer for the free PS Plus games for May 2019 currently sitting at 20,000 dislikes and not even 5,000 likes on YouTube.

But even though some fans are upset about the free PS Plus games for May 2019, it's worth pointing out that both titles in the lineup are generally considered to be good games. Overcooked has earned quite a bit of praise for its couch co-op action, and What Remains of Edith Finch won awards for its narrative. However, it seems fans are annoyed that they weren't given the newer Overcooked 2 instead, and even though What Remains of Edith Finch has been critically-acclaimed, not everyone is a fan of the so-called "walking simulator" genre.

It will be interesting to see how Sony reacts to the backlash over the free PS Plus games for May 2019. Maybe it will go all out for June, or maybe the company will stick to its guns. We'll find out later this month when Sony announces the free PS Plus games for June 2019.

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