Sony Unveils Free PS Plus Games for March 2015

PS Plus Free Games March 2015

The end of the month is usually when Sony announces the new lineup of games coming to PlayStation Plus' Instant Games Collection. Every month, as scheduled, Sony has kept this up and delighted (or disappointed) the PlayStation community with several free PS4/PS3/PS Vita games that people could download and play. And with nearly half of PS4 owners subscribed to the service, it's definitely something the company will want to keep in top shape.

At the end of February last week, however, the usual PlayStation Blog post revealing such games was strangely absent, and Sony didn't offer any details regarding the matter. Even after Microsoft detailed its own offerings as part of the Games With Gold program (which is pretty good), Sony kept quiet, and rumors began swirling about the reasons behind the delay, and just what games would be offered for free come March 2015.

Fortunately, the wait didn't continue for much longer, as Sony finally unveiled the free games coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers this month. And to make things even better, they're all available today; waiting wasn't so bad after all.

Six games are up for grabs this time around, and those hoping for more games to play on the PS4 should be satisfied with the four coming today. For the PS4, specifically, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee — New ‘n’ Tasty! and Valiant Hearts: The Great War join the roster. It might be best to play Oddworld after Valiant Hearts, because the latter involves World War I, a subject that isn't well known for it's happy times.

Valiant Hearts - A Man and His Dog

Continuing on to the PS3Papo & Yo, as well as Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments are the system's new free games. Those that are still gaming on the last-gen system have seemingly been given a couple of games that challenge the mind, either through puzzles or trying to live up to the name 'Sherlock Holmes.'

Bringing up the rear is the PS Vita, though neither game is exclusive to the handheld. OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood and CounterSpy are listed in the post as Vita games, but both can be played on the PS4, while CounterSpy can also be played on the PS3. It's certain to come as a bit of a disappoint to loyal Vita owners, but it is what it is. On the bright side, at least Sony is giving their handheld something to play.

Taking a look at the comments, a majority are in favor of March's offerings, while a few others consider this to be a bad month, regardless of the games for the Vita. A few have poked fun at the games, though, calling it the 'Indie Game Collection,' which, humorously enough, contains the same initials as the Instant Games Collection.

As said previously, all the named games are available now, with February game's now back to full price.

Anything on the list that has your attention, or have you already played them all? The four PS4 games appear to be the heavy hitters this month.

Source: PS Blog

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