PS Plus Members Get Early Acces to ‘All-Stars Battle Royale’ Beta

By | 4 years ago 

Along with getting first dibs on new titles like Journey and Dyad, and the myriad of discounts offered on games current and classic, a new perk has been added to the growing list for PlayStation Plus users. When PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the long rumored brawler featuring many of Sony’s classic heroes, begins its public beta this Fall those very same PS Plus members will get first dibs on trying the game out.

All-Stars is currently in private beta, the very same private beta that gave us the new character and stage leaks, but when it shifts that testing period into a more “open” phase there will be several ways to get involved. The simplest way, as we mentioned, would be to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus program, since early access is key in a game like this.

SuperBot Entertainment, the fledgling developer who has taken on the gargantuan task of accommodating the likes of Big Daddy and Nathan Drake in the same game, didn’t reveal any more details about the beta, only that PlayStation Plus members are first in the door. The hope is that as we near the christening of said beta, that more details will be revealed.

One important thing to note is that, while the new characters leaked from the private beta experience, are additions Sony had yet to reveal they are not representative of the final product. A careful examination of the images shows that a few of the already confirmed characters like Kratos are not on the available roster, suggesting that the beta is meant to balance some of the newer characters.

The real question is whether or not SuperBot Entertainment will forgo the formality of publicly unveiling Daniel Fortesque, Raiden, Evil Cole, and the others, or if they will act business as usual. Gamescom is right around the corner, so don’t be surprised if the same combatants and stages are revealed.

And we’ll keep you update on the beta as more details are made available, or simply sign up for PlayStation Plus and reap the benefits of cloud saves and scheduled updates while you wait.

Does the prospect of getting hands-on time with PlayStation All-Stars early convince you that maybe PS Plus is worth subscribing to? How should SuperBot and Sony deal with character reveals post-leak?

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale releases October 23, 2012 for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog