'Prototype 2' Debut Trailer Instructs You To Destroy Your Maker

Prototype 2 Trailer

We've seen the hints of a sequel to Prototype for a while now, and at the 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards, it was confirmed. Activision and Radical Entertainment are indeed creating Prototype 2, and we have the hot new debut trailer.

Tasked with destroying the first game's protagonist, Alex Mercer, gamers assume the role of Sargent James Heller. Heller returns to America after fighting a war on foreign soil only to come home to his lost family. Clearly feeling like he has nothing else to live for, Heller travels to the red zone in New York City, with the sole intent of dying. During the course of his journey, however, something happens. Heller finds out about Alex Mercer, and becomes absolutely determined to destroy him. Below is the debut trailer for Prototype 2.

The trailer says "To kill a monster you must become one." It's probably safe to assume James will acquire the same powers that Alex Mercer received in the first game, but it wouldn't be a sequel without Radical giving players new and unique abilities. Turning Prototype's protagonist into a villain for the sequel is an interesting direction to take, considering most franchise second entries are continuations of the original hero's story.

Judging by the debut trailer, Radical Entertainment aren't holding anything back as Heller uses some crazy, hyper-violent techniques to get his point across. Bent on destruction, James can be seen using heavy weaponry and other parts of his environment as a weapon against all that stand in his way. James can even be seen stringing up several vehicles together to launch at his foes.

With a release date set somewhere in 2012, Activision and Radical Entertainment have quite a while to finish Prototype 2 and give the title as much polish as they see fit. With at least a year to go, what would you like to see the developers add to the quarantined New York?

Prototype was a single player experience; does Radical Entertainment need to expand that number and include a multiplayer component so gamers can wreak havoc with their friends? What do you want to see in Prototype 2? Let us know your thoughts on the debut trailer and what you hope to see in the game in the comments section below!

Prototype 2 will release in 2012, on platforms yet to be announced. Check out all of the new trailers and more from the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards and follow us on Twitter @GameRant.

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