New York Comic Con is well under way and, as is usually the case, where comic books are video games can’t be far behind. Indeed, news of an Amazing Spider-Man game surfaced just this morning.

No surprise, then, that Radical Entertainment and Activision are taking the opportunity to once again show off Prototype 2. An extensive batch of new screenshots and a gruesome new trailer should get interested parties appropriately amped up for the game, which doesn’t hit store shelves until next April.

While the new trailer and screenshots are a great gift to fans eagerly awaiting Prototype2, attendees at NYCC get an even better surprise: a chance to play two missions from the game. Ken Rosman, Studio Head at Radical Entertainment, lays out what’s on offer:

“A few months ago, we let our fans see PROTOTYPE 2 for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con, and now we have put together two great playable missions for New York Comic-Con. The first mission touches lightly on Heller’s story, while the other is something we call a ‘Rampage Challenge’ — where it’s all about the action and players can compete for the best score.  Both missions will give fans an initial taste of what’s in store when the final version of PROTOTYPE 2 comes out in April next year.”

Can’t make it to NYCC? No worries. Console yourself with the Prototype 2 “The Red Zone” trailer below.

Intrigued? Be sure to check out our Prototype 2 preview from E3 2011 for the lowdown on how the game plays.

Absent though it may be of actual gameplay footage, the new trailer certainly delivers on the promise of gore — a promise that the final game should have no trouble fulfilling, either. Sargent James Heller’s quest to kill Alex Mercer promises to be the most brutal open world game yet, if the alpha gameplay in the “Art of Combat” trailer is anything to go by.

It’s a long time until next April, and there is no shortage of blockbuster games due in the immediate future (Batman: Arkham City, certainly springs to mind), but Activision seems intent on keeping Prototype 2 in the public eye. Will it pay dividends when the game finally releases? What do you think?

Prototype 2 releases April 24, 2012, for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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