New 'Prototype 2' Trailer Soars Through the Air

Prototype 2 Soaring Through Air Trailer

As indicated by the newest trailer for Prototype 2, it isn’t easy being a nameless thug in an open world video game. Not only must you watch waves after waves of your comrades be maliciously eviscerated, but when it comes your turn to meet your maker, time moves at a snail’s pace.

While earlier Prototype 2 teaser trailers were focused on some of the plot points of the game as well as some of the over-the-top moves players will be able to execute, this trailer gives the most detailed look at the game’s world yet. As the helpless thug makes his way across the skyline of what is assumed to be New York, gamers will be able to see that Prototype 2 carries a very similar aesthetic to its predecessor.

For those unfamiliar with the core mechanics of Prototype, think of it like an open-world superhero adventure, but featuring a protagonist who is very much an anti-hero. At gamers’ disposal are a ton of different abilities, all of which stem from the virus that first took over Alex Mercer’s body, but now has spread.

This time around, James Heller, who has been infected by Alex Mercer, is in search of his “maker” so that he can bring him to justice (read: murder him). Along the way, playerss can expect a ton of free roaming and some of the most visually explosive moves and abilities to be at their disposal — something that is briefly on display towards the end of this new Prototype 2 trailer.

Without further ado, here it is:


When the original Prototype hit store shelves two years ago, it might not have received the attention it deserved. While the title enjoyed marginal success, when it was compared to other open-world “superhero” titles like Infamous, it didn’t really seem like one that would receive a sequel.

Still, the game has a lot of variety to offer, including some unique game mechanics that make it worth checking out in preparation for Prototype 2, which will sell upwards of a million copies based on the ability to karate kick a helicopter alone.

What do you think of this brief look at the world of Prototype 2? What signature moves from the first game do you hope return for this sequel?

Prototype 2 will release some time in 2012 on the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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