A new trailer has been released for Activision’s upcoming super-powered open-world sequel Prototype 2 that is meant to prepare fans of the series for a longer, and hopefully more substantial, trailer’s release this Wednesday during GamesCom.

Much like the first teaser trailer for the game, this video features classical music, characters soaring through the air, and a helicopter — a combination certainly worthy of being dubbed “awesome.”

What gamers are preparing for is unclear, but, from the looks of the trailer, it can be assumed it involves a better look at the game in action. Sure, dipping into the game’s multi-faceted plot would be just as welcome, but only if it’s bookended by some glorious destruction.

Check out the trailer, which prepares you for the release of another trailer, below:


Sure the video is heavy on text and light on actual game footage, but what it lacks in reveals it promises to more than make up for with the awesome, forthcoming Gamescom trailer. Hopefully Prototype 2 fans can get a little more information about the game’s plot — aside from the fact that this new protagonist has a serious vendetta against Alex Mercer — or at least get a chance to check out the always entertaining abilities the player has access to.

Until Wednesday, when the official “awesome” trailer is released, there isn’t much to do besides look back on previous Prototype 2 footage in preparation.

While the first game did have it’s positive qualities, when compared to a similarly open-world and superpower-infused title like inFAMOUS, it felt a little rough. Even our experience with the game during this year’s E3 showed a title that closely mirrors both the positives and the negative qualities of its predecessor, but there’s still plenty more of the game to be shown before its release in mid-April. Perhaps developer Radical Entertainment can take the lessons learned from the first game and deliver an even more “awesome” sequel.

Are you looking forward to playing Prototype 2? Do you think that these pre-release trailers are necessary?

Prototype 2 releases April 24, 2012 on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.