'Prototype 2' RADNET Edition Detailed, PC Version Delayed

Prototype 2 RADNET Details PC Delay

If there's one thing that a developer can do to win fans it's provide extra content for no extra charge. That's the method being used by Radical Entertainment in advance of Prototype 2's release, announcing today the RADNET Edition of the game, and the extra content it will be bringing. Committed to the game's theme of mixed blessings, the team also announced that the PC version of Prototype 2 has been delayed until July of 2012.

The delay announcement was made on the game's Facebook page, with no other details given aside from the team's continued dedication to their community. Dedication is certainly something that could define the folks at Radical, as the original Prototype came out of the gate and into an all-out brawl with similar open-world action title inFAMOUS. The two projects seemed destined to cannibalize one another's success, but both were embraced by their respective communities, and have since warranted sequels.

Now almost three years later, the developers at Radical Entertainment have unveiled their thank-you to fans by detailing the RADNET Edition of Prototype 2. With the special edition of the game comes extra challenges, events, in-game attacks and even collectible Avatar items and backgrounds. So how would a Prototype fan go about picking up this special RADNET Edition? Simply pre-order the game from any retailer by launch, or purchase a new copy while supplies last.

Obviously in today's climate of DLC 'season passes' and pre-order bonuses, a completely free addition to a retail game needs some explanation. When  a player pre-orders a copy of Prototype 2 or buys a new copy in the game's launch window, they are granted access to RADNET. Since Prototype tend to be a devoted bunch, it's a safe bet that most will be covered given those prerequisites.

So what is RADNET? Imagine the best parts of Call of Duty Elite, but completely free of charge and with content being delivered on a weekly basis from April 24 through July 7, 2012. Every week players will be given a new set of events and challenges, and when the week ends, every player that has completed the package will receive a new reward. There are 55 bonuses altogether, and leaderboards to track how badly you've mastered the deadly Blacklight Virus compared to your friends.

If you're still unclear, Radical has released a handy trailer detailing some of the finer points, so check it out now:


The heart of Prototype was without a doubt the open-world traversal and expansive attacks, so the chance to add even more of them would have been something fans at the time jumped at. Even though Prototype 2 will have a new protagonist, the brief looks that the team has given of the over-the-top combat seems to be in keeping with the original game.

With an even more diverse setting in store with New York Zero, players will have more than enough room to try out the new attacks and challenges, so the RADNET approach seems to make a lot of sense. Even so open-world games have had a difficult time keeping players coming back after the launch window, so it will be interesting to see how well these incentives work.

Prototype's side objectives (races, combat challenges, etc.) ranged from addictive and satisfying to cumbersome and frustrating, so these weekly challenges might be enough to keep players motivated to master the more trying mechanics. Especially with Radical promising that those who participate in every challenge will unlock "the ultimate shape-shifting reward." Alex Mercer skin? A return of the bio-armor from the first game? We'll have to wait and see.

Are you Prototype fans feeling the love that Radical Entertainment apparently still has for their fan base? Or do online incentives fail to get you excited for sandbox gaming? Be sure to check out the RADNET FAQ for any questions you might have.

Prototype 2 will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 24, with a PC release delayed until July 24, 2012.

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Source: Facebook, Radical

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