As Microsoft readies its annual E3 2017 press conference for its new time on Sunday, June 11, the big ticket item on most people’s minds is Project Scorpio. While fans have yet to see the new console in action, Microsoft did reveal hardware specs earlier this year, confirming its claims as having the most powerful console available. Recently however, it seems the engineers at Microsoft were able to further increase that power, providing additional resources to developers.

In a Tweet from Mike Ybarra, the Corporate Vice President of Windows and Xbox Gaming Platforms revealed that the company has continued to fine tune and enhance the upcoming console since its hardware reveal a couple months ago. The most recent change involves the available RAM, as the engineers at Microsoft were able to unlock extra GB of RAM for developers to work with. While the console comes with 12GB in total, developers now have access to 9GB of it for their games.

With a few months left til the expected release date of Project Scorpio, Ybarra also revealed that Microsoft intends to continue tuning the hardware to help free up more resources to “empower creators to share the best versions of their games.”

Eagle-eyed fans recently picked apart a Microsoft E3 teaser trailer, potentially putting together some unannounced details such as the Project Scorpio price, release date, and actual name. During a specific scene carefully placed text that reads “X10S101-317” can be seen. Fans have surmised that the 17 indicates the year, the last six digits excluding the dash reveal a date of October 13. Many are guessing that the first part of the text string is the name of the console, likely Xbox 10 S. Either way, fans are just a few days away from finding out the truth.

What are your best guesses for the name, release date and price for the upcoming console? Share your theories with us below in the comments.

Stay tuned to Game Rant for additional information on Project Scorpio as Microsoft reveals the new hardware for the first time on Sunday, June 11 at E3.

Source: Mike Ybarra