Project Scorpio Reveal Set for Thursday April 6


Update: Digital Foundry put all of the recent speculation to rest. The official reveal is indeed coming this Thursday at 2pm UK / 6am Pacific.

Original story follows:

Microsoft's Project Scorpio has been a hot topic of discussion over the past week which typically means that some sort of announcement is on the horizon. While people related to the project including Xbox head Phil Spencer have been fairly open about the work that has been going on over the past year, details and information are still hard to come by. According to reports, that problem is likely going to be resolved in a few days, as Microsoft prepares to finally show off what kind of hardware specs the console is launching with.

A couple of notable Twitter users, who have a track record with breaking news before its available have once again both revealed that fans will be hearing the technical details behind the upcoming Xbox machine this Thursday. The first comes from Shinobi responding to a user on Twitter and admitting that the hardware under the hood sounds impressive on paper.

Windows Central editor Jez Cordon also chimed on on the conversation regarding the reveal, though he did have to clarify that it wasn't an April Fool's joke since he made the Tweet on the one day when a ton of fake reveals are made.

Not content to stop there, The Inner Circle, a podcasting group, also aligned with previous reports saying the console specs would arrive Thursday. Additionally, it appears Microsoft will be aligning with third party sites like Eurogamer/Digital Foundry to do it as well. Considering the people who typically read a site like Digital Foundry are interested in hardware specs and technical reporting, pushing the announcement there does make sense.

While Microsoft has already teased Project Scorpio having a large presence at E3 this year, rumors have been circling that a large reveal featuring many upcoming games would come before the annual event. This reveal appears to be strictly hardware, so those hoping to see new gameplay for Forza Motorsport 7, Red Dead Redemption 2, or other titles may have to wait a bit longer.

One aspect that fans definitely won't see from Project Scorpio is the potential for console hardware upgrading. After its initial reveal, the idea of being able to swap hardware parts out similar to a PC started to make the rounds. Unfortunately for those hoping to continuously upgrade their console, Phil Spencer admitted that he doesn't think that would be a viable option and reaffirmed the idea of consoles like Scorpio being better suited to just plug in and play.

Are you excited to see what Microsoft has been cooking up over the past year since the initial tease at E3 last year? What sort of specs are you expecting to see?

Project Scorpio is due to release sometime later in 2017.

Source: TiC_Podcast; Shinobi602; Jez Corden

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