Rumor: Project Scorpio Could Cost Up to $500

Right now, there's very little in the way of official details on Microsoft's upcoming Project Scorpio console. Really the only thing Microsoft has shared is that it will be the most powerful console made when it launches this holiday season, and that it will support native 4K resolution. However, a new report suggests that Project Scorpio will also be capable of recording and streaming gameplay footage in 4K as well, a feature that could see its asking price reach the $500 range.

This claim stems from HD Report, which cites sources within Microsoft. Fans should take this information with a grain of salt, though as there is no way to substantiate the report at this time. However, if Project Scorpio is capable of streaming and recording gameplay footage in 4K resolution, it will be the only console on the market able to do so, which could be a big selling point for the device.

By comparison, the Xbox One currently streams gameplay footage at 720p resolution. Jumping from 720p to 4K is quite the upgrade, and could be very enticing for streamers that want to display the best quality video possible.


As far as the price is concerned, if true, the $500 tag would put Project Scorpio as the highest priced console option available, but not the most expensive to-date. Sony's PS3 first debuted with a $600 price tag (on its high-end bundle), but some say it was that price that doomed the console's sales at launch. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft's messaging about Project Scorpio will help make the higher price more acceptable, or if it hurts the console's chances out of the gate.

If Microsoft's upgraded Xbox One is able to stream and record gameplay footage in 4K, then we will likely hear about it soon. Microsoft has suggested that it could reveal more details about Project Scorpio prior to E3 in June, but whether or not that actually comes to pass remains to be seen.

Some may be wondering why Microsoft wouldn't just use E3 2017 to showcase the Scorpio, but the company has already offered a reason for that. Apparently, Microsoft will focus on games during its E3 press conference this year, and not so much on its new hardware. That being said, fans can count on Project Scorpio still having a presence at E3, but that could be in the context of how the hardware improves the visuals of certain games.

The Project Scorpio console is currently in development at Microsoft.

Source: HD Report

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