New Project Scorpio Images Compare Graphics to Xbox One

project scorpio graphics comparison xbox one

Microsoft's Project Scorpio console has been heavily advertised as being capable of powering out native 4K resolution, and given what a sticking point that has been for the company in selling people on the machine, it's surprising there haven't been more examples of the device in action. That's finally changed, as Microsoft recently hosted a private event where the technology giant demonstrated Project Scorpio's 4K enhancements, providing several different examples that showed what a dramatic upgrade Project Scorpio's visuals are over the 1080p Xbox One.

The images, provided by Windows Central and taken of the various demonstrations run by Microsoft at the private event, show a scientist women in a steampunk laboratory and a painstakingly detailed yellow ladybug. Both are meant to demonstrate why Microsoft is so proud of Project Scorpio's technical specs, which have been heavily vaunted despite consisting of a lot of technical jargon that has been lost on gamers. Essentially, though: these images are meant to sell gamers on those sweet, sweet teraflops of GPU power nestled in Project Scorpio.

project scorpio xbox one graphics comparison

It's plain to see why Microsoft is excited about Project Scorpio's development, though. The differences in quality, sharpness, and and detail - particularly in the woman's hair and face - are very clear, and hint at the possibility that developers will have a number of enticing tools to mess around with on Project Scorpio once the console is finally available. The above image demonstrates, in order from left-to-right, the resolution of the Xbox One, the Scorpio at 4K on a HD display, and the Scorpio at 4K  native. Below, there are images of a yellow ladybug using Project Scorpio's 4K on the left, while demonstrating Scorpio's 4K with enhancements on the right.

xbox one project scorpio comparison ladybug

Unfortunately, the pictures only represent tech demos, and aren't indicative of what's currently being developed in-house by Microsoft or by any other developers who have been given access to Project Scorpio. The technical prowess of the machine certainly makes the console feel like a premium machine, but with rumors suggesting that Project Scorpio's price will actually be lower than anticipated, the system could be the home run Microsoft needs to re-assert itself as the dominant force in console gaming.

Until there are more details, though, enjoy these beautiful depictions of a steampunk scientist and, perhaps more importantly, an adorable little yellow ladybug with a freakish amount of detail paid to its weird, hairy legs.

Project Scorpio will be available this holiday season.

Source: Windows Central

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