Microsoft's Project Scorpio Dev Kit Showcased in New Video

project scorpio dev kit video

After releasing stills of the Project Scorpio dev kit, Microsoft has provided an in-motion look at the device. Jez Corden, senior editor at Windows Central, shared a video of Microsoft's Project Scorpio dev kit on his Twitter account, and fans are buzzing.

Accompanying the clip is the caption, "Scorpio dev kit. Kinda sexy, no?" Though the actual design of the dev kit is relatively simple overall, given that it is just a dev kit, one particular aspect of it stands out for all the right reasons. The Project Scorpio dev kit includes an OLED display that features system statistics, most notably an FPS counter  in the center.

Many Xbox fans are excited about the possibility of Project Scorpio including a front-facing OLED display in its final design. One Twitter user responded to Corden's video tweet, stating, "Please keep the display with the FPS. That's fantastic." Another echoed such sentiments by saying, "I want that display on the final release." A third fan asked Corden for a Scorpio stock keeping unit "with the front screen still there displaying real-time game FPS/resolution" to secure an optimal gaming experience.

It seems that including a stats ticker, particularly regarding frame rate, on the Scorpio's retail hardware is the way Microsoft should go. After all, the company has promised the Scorpio is the most powerful gaming console ever made, and it's likely all gamers will want to see a nice "60" displayed on their console in real time as they play their favorite titles to know the system is running at its promised performance level.

project scorpio dev kit

Aside from the sleek OLED screen on the front of the system, the Project Scorpio dev kit includes 24GB of DDR5 RAM, which is double the amount available on the final version of the console, according to the system's specs. The dev kit also tacks on an extra 1TB SSD and four additional compute units, outweighing the 40 CUs included in the retail Project Scorpio.

As noted by Twitter user MrJeedi, the Scorpio dev kit could be quite large in size. MrJeedi suggests that the unit is 361 mm in width by 82 mm in height, making it larger than the both Xbox One S (297 mm x 65 mm) and the Xbox One (333 mm x 78 mm). Conflicting measurements come from VideoGamer, which state that the Project Scorpio dev kit may be 276 mm by 62.4 mm instead. However, GameRant cannot confirm the validity of either set of calculations.

As always, dev kits in no way hint towards a final console design. Only the minds at Microsoft truly know if the Xbox Scorpio (if it retains that title through to release) will feature a front-facing OLED screen, an FPS counter, or a larger-than-average build size from the development kit on the retail hardware. Any chatter prior is most likely speculation, but it's definitely enjoyable to dream up what the Scorpio may look like when it hits shelves.

This video of the Project Scorpio development kit is likely the last in-motion look at the console until Microsoft's E3 2017 conference next month. The company is expected to center its presentation around the upcoming system, but hopefully gaming fans can get a few sneak peeks at additional projects and hardware Microsoft has up its sleeves.

In the past, Xbox head Phil Spencer has expressed Microsoft's commitment to delivering impressive first-party software in the future. Perhaps Spencer will make good on his word during E3, showing off some great console exclusives alongside Project Scorpio's full unveiling.

Project Scorpio is slated for a Holiday 2017 release.

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