Project Scorpio Console Key Features Revealed

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Although it's been a long time coming, Xbox has finally opened up about its upcoming Project Scorpio machine. This beefed-up Xbox One is looking good according to the official specifications for Project Scorpio, and now Xbox has unveiled some of the key features that the device will have.

For starters, the power of the engine behind Project Scorpio is proudly reiterated by Xbox. The console plays host to 6 Teraflops, 326GB /s of Memory Bandwidth, and advanced custom silicon, leading Xbox to state that the Scorpio Engine is "the most power console gaming processor ever created."

Of course, that kind of processing power means that adequate cooling is absolutely essential, but thankfully it seems as though Xbox also has this covered. First up comes the Scorpio's Vapor Chamber, which makes use of "advanced liquid cooling" for the Scorpio Engine itself - a first for home consoles. Meanwhile, the device also includes f a supercharger-style Centrifugal Fan, to ensure that cooling is enough to keep the Scorpio running without making a large amount of noise.

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With that amount of power also comes the potential for a huge amount of power usage, but Project Scorpio makes use of the Hovis Method to minimize power consumption without sacrificing performance. Named after the engineer who came up with the concept, the Hovis Method custom tunes each console's voltage, with each motherboard calibrated to its paired processor.

So far, the Scorpio is lining up to be something of a powerhouse in the console gaming market, and as such already predictions are being made regarding its overall success. Indeed, industry analysts at the NPD Group are even predicting that the launch of Project Scorpio could help Xbox One outsell PS4 this year - although with vital information such as a confirmed release date and a price plan confirmed beyond estimations, it may well be a little early to be making those kinds of predictions.

What could make or break Project Scorpio, of course, is the library of games available to the device. Thankfully, not only does the Scorpio have access to Xbox One and backward compatible Xbox 360 games as part of the overall Xbox One library, it will also apparently improve the performance of those games. It's a big promise to keep, but if the Xbox team is able to make the Scorpio enticing from both a power and functionality perspective, then it could be the overwhelming success that the team so desperately craves.

Project Scorpio will be released in the holiday season of 2017.

Source: Xbox

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