Xbox Boss Doesn't Know Project Scarlett's Real Name

Xbox boss Phil Spencer reveals that he doesn't know the real name of the Xbox Project Scarlett console. Microsoft has used the Project Scarlett codename when officially talking about the console, with an E3 2019 announcement trailer for the next-gen Xbox also using the codename.

Speaking to Giant Bomb at E3 2019, Spencer confirmed that Microsoft hasn't made a decision about Project Scarlett's name yet. The Xbox boss said that "I honestly don’t know what the name is" and that "We don’t even have a list of names" as that's not where the team is yet. Project Scarlett is unlikely to be the final name of the console but Microsoft probably feels that confirming the console's specs and the games that are available on it is more important than the branding.

Microsoft has teased fans like this before about the name of its consoles. The Xbox One X, a more powerful Xbox One console, was codenamed Project Scorpio before its official name was revealed. Microsoft later released a Project Scorpio version of the Xbox One X for those who were big fans of the codename. Few people expected the Xbox One to be called that too, with many calling it the Xbox 720 or Project Durango before it was officially announced.

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The real name for Xbox Project Scarlett may not be as simple as the Xbox One or the Xbox One X, however. There have also been rumors that Project Scarlett is a project made of two Xbox consoles. Leaks say that there will be a more powerful console, which has been codenamed Project Anaconda, and a less powerful console which has been codenamed Project Lockhart. It means that when Microsoft does start writing that list of names, it's going to have twice as difficult work finding two names that fans like.

Whatever the console, or consoles, end up being called, Microsoft has revealed most of the important parts about its next-generation system. At E3 2019, the company confirmed that Project Scarlett would be available in holiday 2020 and that it will be backward compatible with all Xbox console generations. Spencer has also said that the team has an idea of how much Project Scarlett will cost. Spencer hasn't shared those details yet, but it has more than a year to reveal the name pricing and all to the public.

Source: Giant Bomb

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