Project Resistance: All the Monsters Revealed in the First Trailer

Resident Evil Project Resistance characters

Capcom has just dropped the first teaser trailer for Project Resistance, a new Resident Evil game. The new video gives fans of the series a taste of what to expect from the cooperative multiplayer game, and the trailer also offers a few teases about what monsters players will get to battle against too. Here are the monsters that were revealed in the first Project Resistance teaser trailer.

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resident evil zombie

The standard zombie is the enemy that every Resident Evil fan knows about. The enemies are easy to put down, unless, as seen in the first Project Resistance trailer, they start attacking players in large numbers.

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In Project Resistance, it will be important for players not to let themselves get backed into a corner or to find themselves up against a large group. Teamwork makes the dream work in the new Resident Evil game, as the characters shoot and attack the zombies with melee weapons in an attempt to thin their numbers.


resident evil 2 remake licker

The Licker has an incredibly silly name, but player should not be fooled. The trailer shows that the Resident Evil Licker can be extremely dangerous if not handled carefully. Lickers excel at dodging bullets, and the trailers shows one of the Project Resistance characters offload what seems to be a full pistol clip into the enemy without hitting the target once.

They can get around the room quickly and use their tongue to inflict damage to players at a distance as well. The best way to deal with them is by using shotguns or explosives, so it's lucky for the characters in the trailer that a mine just happens to be lying on the ground, and the Licker, which is blind, happens to walk over it.

Mr X. Tyrant

Those who've played Resident Evil 2 Remake know just how much of a menace Mr. X, or Tyrant, can be. Players will need to keep their wits sharp in Project Resistance, as it seems like the monster will be returning to cause mayhem.

Viewers don't get to see players take on Mr. X in the trailer, but, in Resident Evil 2, his attacks are mostly close range, and he can swing his arms to deal damage. Looking menacing doesn't deal any damage, but he does that well too. The best way to take him down is just by offloading tons of bullets into him — although he is a huge bullet sponge, he can be defeated. In a game like Project Resistance, it looks like resource management could be important, and looking at how many bullets were wasted on the Licker, the characters may run out before Mr X. shows up.

Another Player

Resident Evil Project Resistance trailer gloved character

The four characters seen fighting the zombies, the Licker, and preparing to fight Mr. X may not be the only playable characters in the game. The Project Resistance trailer seems to suggest that someone else was controlling the Tyrant.

Behind a set of screens, a character puts on a pair of technological gloves. Project Resistance could be an asymmetrical multiplayer game where four players fight against one, a bit like Turtle Rock Studio's game Evolve. Nothing has been confirmed yet, though.

Project Resistance is in development for unspecified platforms.

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