Project Resistance: Everything We Want To See In The New Game

Resident Evil Project Resistance characters

With a creepy new trailer, Capcom officially confirmed Project Resistance, a new Resident Evil game. The company confirmed that the game would be an asymmetrical multiplayer experience where four players play against one, but it has said very little other than that.

Fans have some ideas for what they'd like to see, however. So while everyone waits for more information, here are five things we'd like to see from Resident Evil Project Resistance.

Story Gameplay

Capcom's Project Resistance announcement wasn't met with the huge applause that the company will have hoped for and the backlash prompted the company to defend itself on Twitter. The company was accused of ripping off games like Dead by Daylight and of walking away from the series' narrative horror to cash in on the popularity of 4v1 multiplayer games.

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It's unlikely that Capcom will be able to please everyone with what it's offering in Project Resistance and the company seems quite set on going the multiplayer route. However, it could supplement this multiplayer gameplay with some story elements. There are so many questions that Capcom could ask and answer about the game, such as why the antagonist has it in for the group of survivors or who thought it would be smart to put all of those Resident Evil enemies under one roof. It could have a good story there, if it decided to develop it.

Detailed Character Back Stories

One way that Capcom could add some narrative to the game is to offer up detailed character back stories. In the trailer, the four survivors all seem to be working together incredibly well, mixing ranged and melee attacks together to fend off enemies, so did they know each other before they were all group together like that? It would also be a way for Capcom to show that it has really thought about this and the characters aren't just copied from Left 4 Dead.

It's something that Capcom could explore with side missions and events, a bit like how Blizzard does with the Overwatch Archives events. Comics and animated shorts would also be good, further down the road, but side missions would be the best place to start.

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Good Variety of Characters

So far, the characters in Project Resistance all fit familiar archetypes such as a support, a tank, a healer, and a DPS. This is a standard for any game like this, but Capcom could add more variety so that each match feels different. Things could quickly get very boring if four players only have the same four characters to choose from.

As Ubisoft does with Rainbow Six Siege, Capcom may feel the need to sell these characters for a price which would be a terrible idea. Give players free access to all of the tools, all of the skills and all of the fun potential characters and watch the playerbase grow.

fans arne't happy about project resistance

Dedicated Servers

If Capcom is serious about making the next Resident Evil game a great multiplayer experience, dedicated servers would be an incredibly important part of that. With dedicated servers, players can form multiplayer communities and they can get a higher level of performance, not having to put up with the lag and errors often experienced with shared hosting situations.

While dedicated servers would be good just for the sake of a smooth player experience, it could also help a competitive Project Resistance scene to flourish. Resident Evil players have been competing among themselves for years, with one Resident Evil 4 player beating the game with 0% accuracy just for fun. Project Resistance would take that to the next level, though, and dedicated servers would be a huge help.

DLC Released Often

It's unclear how Capcom plans to maintain Project Resistance and if it will be putting together a post-launch content schedule, but many fans will be hoping that it does. New DLC could add more playable characters, more famous foes from the Resident Evil series, as well as new locations. Only letting players master a small handful of enemies and put together strategies for the same, single map would be another quick way to drive them away, DLC would address that.

If Capcom really would like to make some money with the game, it could also release cosmetic skins. That's a little controversial but, if the skins came with limited time events and part of larger DLC drops,  fans may be forgiving and may welcome the chance to mix things up.

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